Friday, August 15, 2014

Picking sides in Ferguson

There is no good news from Ferguson, other than the fact that as of this morning, the riots there have not spread to other cities. The arrival of Missouri State troopers to replace the Ferguson police seems to have cooled things off a bit. Still, the streets of Ferguson are tense. And it's hard to sympathize with the street thugs who are clearly using the situation as an excuse for looting and mindless violence. On one side we have the forces of barbarism and anarchy. Here, the rioters are preparing Molotov cocktails:
The left has embraced these goons, pretending the protesters are only expressing righteous outrage. Sure - every flat-screen TV the rioters steal is another step toward racial harmony. But as repulsive as these rioters are, I'm equally horrified at the actions of the local police, who look more like an occupation army than peacekeepers:
We need look no further than DC to see why local police departments have taken on the actions and attitudes of a military garrison. It's no secret the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security have equipped many law enforcement agencies with just about everything an army needs to handle what they regard as a hostile and threatening civilian population. It's a vicious cycle. DC opens the borders while bombing the world. After the INEVITABLE domestic terror attack, a frightened population submits to the government adopting even more authoritarian measures to "protect" them. When will we learn that the machinery of empire is creating the very tyranny it's supposed to be protecting us from?


The Ghost of the Chemung River said...

On this one I'll have to disagree.
Sadly, the police have had to take on the role they have and need that firepower to use against a larger and ever growing underbelly of society.

Take a good look at these people protesting. Did the populace look anything like that 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago? Where people wear t-shirts that say F--ck You? Where people wear their pants down around their knees, which technically means I'm open for business?

Granted, it's sad that our police can't look like a London Bobby. However, sadder yet, there are certain parts of this country where we have no choice but to make sure our law enforcement is armed to the hilt to protect us from the dregs and lowlifes of society who would rather rob, rape, and kill decent folks who just want to live and be left alone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OR, both sides disgust me! Thuggery on the one hand, militarism on the other! Wow, what a choice!

I have family and friends who are in law enforcement, and you can bet your bottom dollar I want them to have the equipment they need to protect themselves and law-abiding citizenry; but the fix is for us to re-engage in our localities in the re-assumption of our legitimate RESPONSIBILITIES to be the primary defenders of ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Well-armed citizens would obviate the need, real or merely perceived, for police to look like they just came off of hit in Iraq or Afghanistan!

And once again, ol' Dave succeeds in preaching to the choir!

Oh well, it felt good anyway!

David Smith

Anonymous said...

The only way to justify our local law enforcement being militarized is to assume this arsenal would not be used against citizens. Ferguson is evidence that just isnt the case. I would like to believe that my local authorities would use this firepower to protect me from federal agencies overstepping their authority or legitimate terrorism from radical Islam. Standard police presence could have ended the looting the first night had they made arrests and examples of the looters instead of just watching. I think that was an underestimation of the outrage of the natives.

Weaver said...


DC's policies are leading to a populace that looks like that.

Sailer wrote recently something along the lines that: whites are naturally (culturally?) more orderly, so they've enjoyed more liberty. While Mexicans are naturally more chaotic, so they've required more authoritarian control.

Without a healthy culture (and genetics might play a role) and without a united population (no Muslims called to jihad their "fellow Americans"), authoritarian control is probably necessary.

So, the root problem is DC. DC creates a need for it to have greater power.

Conservatives nearly always rally to support DC whenever there's a threat.

I get that the police aren't DC, but the trend seems to be increasingly central control. How long until our protectors become our jailers?

The Ghost of the Chemung River said...

There is truth in these comments.

Sadly, this society is becoming more evil and dangerous with each passing year. What's even more scary is the general populace is taking on the attributes of the thugs and the bottom rung.

My fear is that the next "Civil War", quite literally, could be neighbor against neighbor.

Weaver said...

That's an unsettling scenario, especially for the diverse South.

dan hill said...

I come down on neither side in this situation. On one hand you have a militarised police force. In my mind the law is enforced with a badge(the shield of authority) that should engender respect, and the writ(the order of the court) that officially begins the legal process. If police act like the military, the rule of law is out the window.
On the other hand you have the enemies of the law. Anarchists, political philanderers, looters, and the supposedly innocent protesters who call for immediate justice. Just what is immediate justice? Is it a kangaroo court and a rope? If the police shooter were to step forward to the crowd and confess that he had gunned down the suspect without cause, do you suppose all the actors on this side of the issue would peaceably disassemble and return to their homes, so they could return to their job the next day, and wait for the woefully slow wheels of our justice system to meet out its action? I doubt it.
What the solution is I do not know. But the problem is a citisenry that has become unhitched from its system of law.

Logan Smith said...

Let's all just sit back, pop a cold one, and watch the world burn. It'll all be over soon enough ;)

GR said...

@Ghost, The next "civil war" could be brutally chaotic, but that will be less likely strong, constitutional local governments ready to opt out of the union when dc begins to collapse. These local governments could deal with the local moslems and thugs without being so militarized.

The Ghost of the Chemung River said...

Let's be brutally honest.

When the civilized world comes collapsing down around everyone's ears someday, only the strongest, best prepared, and best armed will survive.

Many will not live to see this day.

However, it will happen.