Monday, August 18, 2014

The Two-Party Curse

Republicans care only for the rich, while Democrats champion the poor. Right? Well, that's a well-used and effective slogan for Dems, but as this Salon writer confesses, it's a pretty empty slogan. In truth, Democrats have a lot to answer for:

In a much-reported study, the Russell Sage Foundation discovered that median household wealth in this country fell by 36 percent in the 10-year period ending last year. Wealth for people at the top, as other news stories remind us, has continued to soar. These things are a consequence of the Great Recession, of course, but they are also a reminder of the grand narrative of our time: The lot of average Americans constantly seems to be growing worse. ...

But sooner or later you will also have to acknowledge that there are two parties in this country, not just one; that the Democrats held significant power during the period in question, including (for much of it) the presidency itself; and that even when they are not in the White House, these Democrats nevertheless retain the capacity to persuade and to organize. For a party of the left, dreadful news like this should be rocket fuel. For the Dems, however, it hasn’t been. Why is that? Well, for one thing, because a good number of those Democrats have not really objected to the economic policies that have worked these awful changes over the years.
Off-shoring and floodtide immigration have done more to depress middle-class income than any other government policy. With jobs vanishing overseas, and with competition for remaining jobs at home increasing from low-wage immigrants, the middle and lower-middle class working folk have been pummeled. Remember, it was Bill Clinton who pushed through NAFTA, which turned out to be disastrous for workers. And Obama rammed through the free trade agreement with South Korea.

The Democrats' idea of helping workers is to toss them an anvil when they're drowning.


Miguel D'Anconia said...

And the best part is we subsidize South Korea's defense so they can take our jobs plus we do the same for Israel. Our "leaders" are more than happy to slit our throats to bleed us out.

dan hill said...

The one thing worse than having a two party system such as this one, is to have an ignorant constituency who will only ever vote for one party no matter what.

Logan Smith said...

Not only did NAFTA send our jobs over seas, it also gave incentive for illegal aliens to jump the border, because they couldn't compete with the U.S.' farms. It also gave rise to Central American gangs, since the drug market rose after all the farmers started growing cocaine and marijuana to make money.