Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This day in history

In 1987, Robert Mugabe was sworn in as Zimbabwe's president.

And they all lived happily ever after. Didn't they?

The US defense industry has nothing to do with defending America

It makes me crazy to hear some uber-patriotic airhead tearfully proclaim that "our" troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Belgium, or wherever are fighting to protect our freedom. What nonsense. The truth is the reverse: The Pentagram's overseas adventures take our tax dollars to poke hornet nests that provoke counter-attacks at home and abroad, which the Feral government then claims as justification for more citizen surveillance, more militarization of local police, etc.

The War Nerd notes that the US "defense" industry is nothing but a red-white-and-blue welfare program for the politically connected. The $400 billion it demands for the F-35 fighter jet, which Rand corporation analysts warn “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run,” is pure payola for Lockheed Martin. No wonder the War Nerd throws his hands in the air in disgust:

This has been a classic week in the defense procurement industry. The armed services are trying to boost their worst aircraft, the totally worthless F-35, by trashing their best, the simple, effective, proven A-10 Warthog. ...

It makes no sense. I’ll just say that right up front. The reason it doesn’t seem to make any sense is that it doesn’t. There are no secret reasons here, no top-security considerations that justify any of this. It’s corruption, pure and simple. The sooner you understand that the US defense industry has nothing at all to do with defending America, and everything to do with making Dick Cheney’s buddies even richer, the more quickly you’ll be able to understand what’s going on.
Whether it makes sense or not, the F-35 is the future of DC's air power because massive spending is what DC does. The house-trained right will trot along in whatever direction their reins are tugged, and will happily support this latest "defense" boondoggle. And the domesticated left will swallow all the happy talk about the US military as the vanguard of the global democratic revolution, a cause that Saint MLK himself would endorse. It's a win-win for Big Government and Big Business. Who cares about the poor dumb slobs who get stuck with the bill?

Quote of the day

"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sebesta exposes SCV scandal

Ed Sebesta has yet another earth-shaking investigative expose on the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His latest blog post features an article on Ron Wilson's conviction for fraud. Then, to illustrate what he terms "What type of people are attracted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans," he links to some stories about the questionable behavior of another SCV member. No charges were filed, nor were any convictions made in the second case, but Sebesta smugly concludes he's dealt the SCV a death blow. Yep -- that's what he sees in these stories about two wayward SCV members.

Want some REAL scandal? Check out the links below about the powerful, over-funded, scandal-ridden NAACP:

Former President of NAACP Gets 6-Month Sentence for Loan Fraud

NAACP Chapter President is Ex-Judge Defrocked For Taking Bribes

Mississippi NAACP Leader Sent to Prison for 10 Counts of Voter Fraud

The Downfall Of Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis

NAACP President Mfume resigns in wake of sexual favoritism charges

What conclusions can we draw from these stories about the content of the character of NAACP members?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Quote of the day

From Foreign Affairs:

The first marker of a fragile state is a concentrated decision-making system. On its face, centralization seems to make governments more efficient and thus more stable. But that stability is an illusion. Apart from in the military—the only sector that needs to be unified into a single structure—centralization contributes to fragility. Although centralization reduces deviations from the norm, making things appear to run more smoothly, it magnifies the consequences of those deviations that do occur. It concentrates turmoil in fewer but more severe episodes, which are disproportionately more harmful than cumulative small variations. In other words, centralization decreases local risks, such as provincial barons pocketing public funds, at the price of increasing systemic risks, such as disastrous national-level reforms. Accordingly, highly centralized states, such as the Soviet Union, are more fragile than decentralized ones, such as Switzerland, which is effectively composed of village-states.

States that centralize power often do so to suppress sectarian tension. That inability to handle diversity, whether political or ethnoreligious, further adds to their fragility.
Ahem. Toldja.


From those rascally iconoclasts at Taki's Mag:

On December 19th during the year’s final press conference, Obama burped up the following bold statement:

"Like the rest of America, black America, in the aggregate, is better off now than it was when I came into office."

The facts paint a different picture:

• Black home-ownership rates are 6% lower now than in 2009.
• The black workforce, in aggregate, decreased 10% from 2007 to 2012.
• The quotient of blacks living in poverty has increased 5% during his reign.
• In constant dollars, black income has dipped 4.5% during his presidency.
• Blacks’ median net worth plummeted 34% during the “Obama recovery” from 2010-2013.
• The number of blacks on food stamps has skyrocketed 48% with Obama as president.

Miraculously, Obama retains an 84% approval rating among blacks, which we must all assume has absolutely nothing to do with his skin color.
What nerve! At Taki's, they present reality instead of president-approved rhetoric. What foul villainy will they commit next? I don't know, but I'll be waiting impatiently for the next outrage.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small is not just beautiful...

... it's also more nimble and efficient than the gargantuan. And that's the problem with empires -- "big" is all they understand, but the bigger and more centralized they become, they inevitably grow more ponderous and unwieldy. In an article entitled, Critical decisions after 9/11 led to slow, steady decline in quality for Secret Service, the Washington Post concludes that centralization has mired the once-shining Secret Service in a bureaucratic swamp:

Where the Secret Service had been a gem of the Treasury Department for more than a century, its post-9/11 transfer to the sprawling new Department of Homeland Security suddenly forced it to compete for money and attention with bigger and higher-profile agencies focused on immigration and airport security.

The changes set in motion during that critical period after 2001 led to a slow, steady slide in quality, leaving an agency that, according to a DHS report released on Dec. 18, is “stretched to and, in many cases, beyond its limits.”
It's ironic that the excuse for centralizing the Secret Service, as well as many other security-based departments in the federal government, into a mega-bureaucracy called "Homeland Security" was 9/11, itself the inevitable blowback from DC's policy of overseas meddling. But perpetual war is also inevitable for an empire, which must wage war to constantly expand or lose its reason for existence.

That's the choice we have in the 21st century: Empire, with the slow strangulation of liberty and prosperity through war, citizen surveillance, and over-regulation, or self-determination for all peoples, with minimum bureaucracy and respect for the cultures and sovereignty of all nations. When people see their choice -- or even realize they HAVE a choice -- they see the status quo a little more critically. And that's why the ruling elite doesn't want a debate at all, and why it and its toadies try to preempt debate by demonizing advocates of small government. But try as they will, catastrophic failure is looming. We can hear the grinding of its worn gears and see the wreckage it's creating at home and abroad. Tick, tock...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

The Charlotte Observer has a human interest story in today's issue titled "Christmas on Wheels." It features a picture of the above SUV topped with Santa in his sleigh and a Christmas tree, all covered in lights. There's a little background on the owner, and how he started decorating his car so elaborately for Christmas.

The Observer somehow failed to point out two stickers on the back, If you click on the image above, you can see that the owner has a First National and a sticker that says "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God."

That's what this blog is all about -- paying attention to those things the corporate media would rather you not know. As we approach a new year, we're looking forward to continuing that proud mission. But for now, I'll leave you with my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Rand Paul Gets Cuba Right

At some point, it was inevitable that Americans had to realize a simple fact of life: The Cold War with the Soviet Union is over. Problem is, some politicians don't seem to know the Soviet Union is over. So this opinion piece over at The Intellectual Conservative is a welcome bit of sober analysis:

The non-interventionist position on Cuba is simple. Is Cuba the 51st state? No. Then what form of government they have is outside our realm. While we would, of course, prefer that Cuba adopt a freer form of government, and we are free to work toward that end in a normal diplomatic manner, it is not our place to use hostile means, and an embargo is hostile, to attempt to actively bring this about.
Is it time to realign fronts in a shifting world? Yes.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Holder Decrees Crossdressing Protected Under Federal Law

The Permanent Civil Rights Revolution has found yet another front. Now the Justice Department has taken up the vital right to dress in the traditional clothing of the opposite sex, a vital right recently discovered in the Constitution. And Holder's just the man to defend this sacred right:

Attorney General Eric Holder has issued an edict, through a memorandum, that cross dressing and transsexualism is now protected under federal civil rights laws which were designed to protect women from sex discrimination. Existing federal law provides no statutory support for treating cross-dressers and transsexuals as the law treats female victims of discrimination.

This means that the Justice Department could now, for example, consider the decision by a school or church to not hire a transvestite as a violation of federal law.
The big question is: What other exotic practices are Constitutional rights we didn't know we had? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeb Bush announces he's "exploring possibility" of running for president

Isn't democracy wonderful? Now we, the sovereign people of the United States, can decide whether Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warrne, or Jeb Bush will wage more war in the Middle East, expand domestic surveillance, and usher in more Third-World immigrants.

Democrats demand better protections for transgender illegal immigrant children

No, this isn't an Onion satire on looney liberals -- it's the real thing from The Washington Times, via Steve Sailer. My, what a brave, new world we're creating...

Monday, December 15, 2014

In Washington, political dysfunction and grim outlooks are the new normal

Political sclerosis is setting in on the banks of the Potomac. It's no surprise to readers of this blog that the DC Empire continues to show symptoms of further decay. From the Washington Post:

The November elections brought significant changes to Washington and to many states. What they did not produce was any greater sense of optimism on the part of the public about the state of American politics. If anything, they produced the opposite.

A new report from the Pew Research Center lays out the evidence in clear and unrelenting detail. The survey of attitudes at the close of the year offers a reminder to political leaders, and especially prospective presidential candidates, that among their biggest challenges ahead will be finding ways to begin to restore faith and confidence in the political system.

Four in 5 Americans say the country is more politically divided than in the past. Although that is no worse than it was two years ago, it is far gloomier than it used to be. Scroll back to the early days of President Obama’s tenure in the White House, and the differences between then and now are particularly stark.
And so the rotten notion of the Hegelian megastate loses legitimacy. Looks like it's going to go out with a bang rather than a whimper. The hundreds of thousands of murdered civilians, torture victims, and the oppressed cowering in fear under US-backed dictatorships aren't going to miss it.

This day in history

In 1989, a demonstration that turned into a popular uprising in Romania began the downfall of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Congress Quietly Bolsters NSA Spying in Intelligence Bill

A "do-nothing" Congress? Not at all. Our handlers representatives are quite busy making sure someone's keeping tabs on what we say and do -- all to better protect us from Islamomeanies, of course. Its latest act is yet another assault on the Bill of Rights:

Congress this week quietly passed a bill that may give unprecedented legal authority to the government's warrantless surveillance powers, despite a last-minute effort by Rep. Justin Amash to kill the bill.

Amash staged an aggressive eleventh-hour rally Wednesday night to block passage of the Intelligence Authorization Act, which will fund intelligence agencies for the next fiscal year. The Michigan Republican sounded alarms over recently amended language in the package that he said will for the first time give congressional backing to a controversial Reagan-era decree granting broad surveillance authority to the president....

The provision in question is "one of the most egregious sections of law I've encountered during my time as a representative," Amash wrote on his Facebook page. The tea-party libertarian, who teamed up with Rep. John Conyers last year in an almost-successful bid to defund the National Security Agency in the wake of the Snowden revelations, warned that the provision "grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American."
Yes, once again, the federal government has vast power to spy on its citizens. And please notice that this clear violation of the 4th amendment was sanctified by the patron saint of housebroken conservatives, Saint Ronald of Reagan. And I'm not picking on Reagan, no more than I pick on Obama. The job of the temporary dictator is to expand the scope of the federal government. Just as Reagan talked about promoting conservatism while quietly promoting big government, Obama fools liberals into supporting the national security state.

Guess who wins every election? DC, that's who.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quote of the day

“It is the nature of political bodies always to see the evil in the opposite group, just as the individual has an ineradicable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and does not want to know about himself by foisting it off on somebody else. . . . The mass State has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives, rather, for atomization, for the psychic isolation of the individual. The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes, and vice versa." Carl Jung

Sociologist Robert Putnam has already researched the real-world effects of diversity on a society's political health. In a paper entitled "E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century," Putnam documented the following negative results of increased diversity:

- Lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media.
- Lower political efficacy – that is, confidence in one's own influence.
- Lower frequency of registering to vote, but more interest and knowledge about politics and more participation in protest marches and social reform groups.
- Higher political advocacy, but lower expectations that it will bring about a desirable result.
- Less expectation that others will cooperate to solve dilemmas of collective action (e.g., voluntary conservation to ease a water or energy shortage).

Remember: The above civic disorders are not unfortunate by-products of diversity, but the intended results of importing alien cultures. And our handlers in DC know this. To them, social breakdown in not a bug of multiculturalism, but a feature. Wreck society, which is a spontaneous, natural order, to pave the way for big government to maintain an artificial order.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Annual Angry Heisman Trophy Rant!

I don't usually cover sports, but this self-described "unhinged rant" from Dan Phillips is priceless. Definitely worth your time.

FDNY drops physical test requirement amid low female hiring rate

More insanity committed in the holy name of equality. From New York, naturally:

The Fire Department has stopped requiring probationary firefighters to pass a job-related physical-skills test before getting hired — a move that critics derided as a lowering of standards.

The move by first-year Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, which allows probies to fail components of the Functional Skills Training test but still graduate from the Fire Academy, comes amid criticism of the department’s low hiring rate of women.
Yes, if I were trapped in a burning building and the 100-pound woman in a NYFD uniform couldn't pull me out, I would find great solace in the knowledge that I was going to die for a good cause. Lord help us.

Its own communist economy ultimately sabotaged the Soviet Union, and the ideology of equality will do the same to the DC Empire, which derives its legitimacy from its other-worldly mission of universal equality. The pity is that so many innocent will suffer along with the ones perpetuating this idiocy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Republicans stab constituents in the back on amnesty

Surprise, surprise -- despite the noise they made about "stopping Obamnesty," the GOP (Government of the Plutocrats) has funded Obama's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants:

The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives has cut a deal with Senate Democrats on a government funding bill that will permit funding for the implementation of President Obama's unilateral amnesty of as many as five million illegal aliens through at least Feb. 27, 2015.

By contrast, the bill also uses Congress's power of the purse to prohibit the administration from moving forward with regulations that would effectively outlaw incandescent light bulbs.
Who represents the people in DC? No one.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CIA Used “Rectal Feeding” As Part Of Torture Program

Your tax dollars at work, courtesy of the ghouls in the CIA, where the routine torture of suspects took on some strange practices:

Water wasn’t the only thing provided rectally. Food and other nutritional supplements were also delivered rectally to break hunger strikes, particularly in the cases of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Majid Khan.
Remember, this is about OFFICIAL US POLICY about how to treat detainees who haven't even been charged with a crime. Innocent people were forced to endure waterboarding, ice baths, and hundreds of hours of standing sleep deprivation. Feel the pride.

Little wonder DC's embassies and occupation forces around the world are bracing themselves for reaction to even more shockiing disclosures.

Why I Quit the Left

Here's a full confession from a former leftist activist on why she couldn't stomach radical leftist activism any more:

I feel compelled to criticize is only one very specific political phenomenon, one particular incarnation of radical leftist, anti-oppressive politics.

There is something dark and vaguely cultish about this particular brand of politics. I’ve thought a lot about what exactly that is. I’ve pinned down four core features that make it so disturbing: dogmatism, groupthink, a crusader mentality, and anti-intellectualism. I’ll go into detail about each one of these. The following is as much a confession as it is an admonishment. I will not mention a single sin that I have not been fully and damnably guilty of in my time.
It's an interesting, if lengthy, read. The bottom line is that Social Justice Warriors are humorless, totalitarian, and so detached from normal human ties that they are dangerous to themselves and others. They're today's Red Guards from the disastrous Chinese Cultural Revolution. As Barney Fife would say, SJWs need to be "nipped in the bud."

Democrats should dump Deep South and consider letting region secede

No, that's not the League of the South saying Dixie should be allowed to govern itself, freeing both North and South to pursue its own course. THis time, the call for devolution comes from the left-leaning Daily Beast. He doesn't suggest it nicely, but his bottom line is hard to argue with:

It's time for the Democrats to dump Dixie, says a columnist for the Daily Beast news website.

Michael Tomasky writes that U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's loss in Saturday's runoff proves that Louisiana and other parts of the Deep South have become a "reactionary, prejudice-infested place."

Tomasky notes, as did the New York Times and, that with Democrat Landrieu's loss, the party of Andrew Jackson and Jimmy Carter no longer controls a single U.S. Senate seat in the Deep South, which excludes Virginia and Florida by various definitions. (The GOP also controls every governor's mansion and legislative chamber from Texas to North Carolina.)

Tomasky suggests the South should not be part of the United States anymore -- just because it doesn't vote the proper way.
Face it, Congress is hopelessly gridlocked. If the North wants same-sex marriage, as well as amnesty, Social Security, and a free puppie for every illegal alien invader, they'd be able to provide those goodies if the South didn't get in the way. Until the clashing regions agree to an amicable parting of the ways, neither side can get what it wants.

Think of it as no-fault divorce for regions otherwise trapped in a failed empire.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Obama Extends NSA Spying Powers Yet Again

Only Nixon could make nice with Red China without enraging conservatives. And only Obama can expand the surveillance state without liberals howling in protest.

America Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Here's the diagnosis from a liberal writer at BloombergView:

It was the most Republican of times, it was the most Democratic of times.

That's the U.S. right now, a nation heading in two diametrically opposed directions. Where you live in the country has always influenced how you live. But divergent public policy choices, rooted in sharp partisan conflict, are heightening the geographic distinctions.
Over at The American Conservative, Ron Dreher notes the same trend in his article entitled Democratic Party Disappears in South. Even more interesting that both writers acknowledging the growing split is that both agree on the underlying cause, and that is two different visions of the future they want. Blue America, best exemplified by California, can't wait to be reconstructed by random waves of colonizers. Red America, as noted by BloombergView, is the South, which is just as determined to preserve its traditional culture and demographics. But each side impedes the other in DC.

Here's an idea: Why not let each go its own way? Wouldn't everyone be happier? Just a suggestion.

Blood is Thicker than Water, Chapter - aw, who knows?

Once again, an immigrant turns against the "Proposition Nation" he claims to be loyal to. From Fox News:

A Naval engineer is facing charges that he gave an FBI undercover agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer secret documents about the new Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier while discussing how to sink the vessel with a missile.

Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, of Yorktown, Va., was arrested Friday on an FBI affidavit that reads like it came from a Tom Clancy novel.

Federal prosecutors in Virginia say that during his conversations with the undercover, Awwad arranged to use a dead-drop location along a secluded hiking trail to pass secrets about the Ford, which is being built in Virginia for delivery to the Navy in 2016.
How can ANYONE feel loyalty to a squishy, constantly changing country that can't even defend its own borders? And what else can foreigners see here other than a huge, rotting corpse ready to be picked clean?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quote of the day

"As of 2007, black-on-white violent crime was nearly 40 times as common as the reverse. But liberals can’t give up their myth, for it sustains their pretensions to moral superiority. It defines who they are." Pat Buchanan

A date which will live in infamy

In 1975, Indonesia invaded East Timor with US arms and US approval, leading to the death of 200,000 Timorese Christians.

Give us your tired, your poor, your ethnic conflicts

In Kansas City, a Muslim boy was struck and killed by a Somali Christian driving an SUV. Seems the driver intended to continue his people's ongoing battle against the majority Muslims of Somalia. From The Kansas City Star:

The driver of the SUV, Ahmed H. Aden, a 34-year-old Kansas City truck driver, told police after his arrest that he had been searching for men who’d threatened him nine days earlier. And he said he planned to kill those men if he found them, according to court records.

Aden told police that he intentionally struck Abdisamad, but he had mistaken the teen for one of the men who had threatened him. Members of the Somali community said that Aden long was known to have made frequent and violent threats against Muslims and the mosque, occasionally even threatening the mass slaughter of worshipers.

Jackson County prosecutors charged Aden with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, leaving the scene of an accident and unlawful use of a weapon.

Abdisamad’s uncle, Abdinajib Dirir, said the family, who had emigrated from war-torn Somalia, was devastated.

“There are no words to describe,” he said. “This is a community that fled a violent situation. Now we’re facing violence in the United States."
What? Ethnic violence in the United States? What can we do about it? Fortunately, the leftists over at Little Green Footballs have the answer:

Ugh, this appears to be based on ethnic hatreds. We have enough problems of our own without importing any foreign conflicts. I hope they throw the damned book at anyone—Muslim, Christian, Jew, whatever—that perpetrates this type of violence.

You want to come live in the U.S.? Fine, come on in. You’re welcome to stay as far as I’m concerned, but don’t bring your hate baggage with you. It needs to be made crystal clear that such behavior it won’t be tolerated, period.
So we continue to open the door to anyone who feels like living here as long as they promise not to continue whatever ethnic conflicts are raging in their native lands. Got it.

I have a better idea. Back in 2006, a Muslim lad drove his SUV into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, injuring nine people. He confessed his intent was to "avenge the deaths of Muslims worldwide." Therefore, the solution to this problem of importing ethnic conflicts is to outlaw SUVs. Why not? It makes just as much sense as outlawing guns to eliminate violent crime. Besides, what else CAN we do? I can't think of anything, and it's obvious the federal governeent can't either.

Friday, December 5, 2014

House Approves Expansion of Military Operations Against ISIS

And you thought Congress was deadlocked! There are some things Congress does well, and voting for war is on the top of the list:

In a 300-119 vote, the House has approved the newest annual military spending bill, pumping another $585 billion into the Pentagon for assorted wars, including the newest war against ISIS.

The bill also includes an extension of the authorization for the Pentagon to train and arm “moderate” Syrian rebel factions, which was supposed to expire on December 11. The bill will extend the deadline through 2016.
Ever wonder why we say the DC Empire is all about perpetual war? Because it is.

Stand With Hillary!

When I first watched this, I just knew it was a spoof. It had to be. I mean, really - a country song with boot-wearing musicians singing an anthem to Hillary Clinton? And a cowboy takes a sledgehammer to a piece of glass, declaring "We have to break that ceiling" ? And it gets worse. Check out this line explaining WHY the Heartland must support Hillary Clinton for president:

'Cuz our American Dream is at stake.

Yes, they really sing that. What's laughable about this shameless toadying to Southerners is that Hillary clearly despises the South, its traditions, and its people. Using our music to lure us into supporting someone so opposed to our interests hits a new low in national politics. And you didn't think it was possible to get lower than the last election.

Go ahead - try and watch the whole video without gagging. I double-dog dare ya:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Texas leads coalition of states in lawsuit against Obama immigration actions

While the make-believe representatives of the people in DC manage little more than empty symbolic displays against Obama's imperial diktat, the people of the sovereign States are actually standing up to the Big-Business/Globalist campaign to drag this country into the Third-World:

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that Texas is leading a 17-state coalition suing the Obama administration over the president's executive actions on immigration.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Texas on Wednesday, and names the heads of the top immigration enforcement agencies as defendants.

Abbott, in a news conference in Austin, said the "broken" immigration system should be fixed by Congress, not by "presidential fiat."

He said President Obama's recently announced executive actions -- a move designed to spare as many as 5 million people living illegally in the United States from deportation -- "directly violate the fundamental promise to the American people" by running afoul of the Constitution.
I'm proud to say that North Carolina is part of that lawsuit. Is your State on board? If not, contact your State legislature. Only local action can stop Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates, Buffett and the rest of the Billionaire Boys Club - not to mention their Cultural Marxist allies.

Quote of the day

"There are no police here. We trusted the police to keep it peaceful, but they didn't do their job." Ferguson store owner

Who can blame the police? Surrendering to mob rule is the only way to avoid more civil rights lawsuits. Every law enforcement officer now realizes that if he does his job and stands up to looters, he could end up like Darren Wilson, no job, no severance pay, and with federal prosecutors snuffling around for civil rights charges.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Congress plans symbolic action against Obama

Like the malignancy it is, the Imperial Presidency continues to metastasize the corpse of the old republic. We've long since abandoned the now-quaint notion that only Congress can declare war. When Obama proclaimed he had the authority to launch a war against the latest Middle Eastern boogeyman, ISIS, we barely heard a peep of dissent. Later, when Obama flipped his earlier assurance that he wasn't "an emperor" and realized he did have the power to change national immigration policy on a whim, a few voices challenged him.

But now we can see that challenge wasn't in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's Republicans standing up to John Adams' Federalists - it was more along the lines of the grandiose threats you'd see in a WWE arena. If you have the stomach, read how far the people's representatives have fallen:

Congressional Republicans are developing plans to use their funding authority to challenge President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration.

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) shared his strategy with members Tuesday morning, but told reporters afterward that no final decisions have been made. Aides privately described a two-step process that will allow Republicans to rebuke the president and keep the government open after the current spending agreement expires next Thursday.

Aides privately described a two-step process that would begin with a bill to ban the White House from changing immigration laws, a largely symbolic effort to curb Obama's executive authority that would be quickly discarded by the Democratic-controlled Senate. The bill is being pushed by tea party conservative Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.).
Yes, you read that correctly: All Congress is contemplating is a "largely symbolic effort."

The reason is obvious. Our republican traditions are eroding because all power has centralized in DC, something the Founders sought to avoid at all costs. Today the people are voiceless. Both wings of the ruling elite want the same thing, perpetual war and perpetual immigration. Our so-called representatives like donations from armaments makers and big businesses slavering over the prospect of an endless glut of cheap, exploitable labor. The Democrats support Obama's diktat because it will supply them with more voter-clients. And the Republicans aren't about to stand in Obama's way because they want cheap workers.

That's why there will be no real opposition to Obama. And that's why we, the people, have no say in the matter.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This day in history

In 1859, bloodthirsty psychopath abolitionist patriot John Brown was hanged for his raid on Harper's Ferry.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How Iraq Explains Ferguson

Rod Dreher admits that he was once as blind to the facts of the Iraq War as liberals today are to the truth about Michael Brown and Ferguson. The "need to believe" that one is virtuous in upholding certain ideals is sometimes just too strong.

Thousands rally for independence in southern Yemen

Holy cow, I simply cannot keep up with all the secession movements popping up all over the world. Now South Yemen is clamoring for self-determination.

First communism, now the megastate. Slowly but surely, the bloody legacy of 19th- and 20th-century ideology is being dismantled and discarded. Know hope, my friends.

The Future of Multiculturalism

If you're curious about the future our handlers in DC plan for us, here are two news stories that reveal what we can expect. In "liberated" Afghanistan and Iraq, the DC Empire is doing its utmost to force multiculturalism on ungrateful populations. But it simply isn't working. In Afghanistan, for example, the DC's puppet government is rapidly collapsing:

Unable to form a new government, the new president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, settled for the next best thing on Sunday: He fired the old one.

As Mr. Ghani dismissed most of the ministers, another important Afghan official was on the verge of being ousted. The Kabul police chief offered his resignation amid an escalating pattern of Taliban suicide attacks in the capital.

Afghanistan’s recently inaugurated leaders — a president, a chief executive, and two vice presidents — have struggled to make basic decisions as the security situation has deteriorated here.
DC's official ideology cannot grasp that before a country can come to "We the People" creating a political order, there must first be a culturally unified people. In Afghanistan, the Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, Gujjar, Arab, Brahui, and Pamiri peoples refuse to abandon their actual, historical identities in the name of globalist democracy.

And DC's best efforts in Iraq, despite squandering billions, have produced nothing but grimly comic results:

Iraq's Prime Minister said Sunday that the country's army has been paying salaries to at least 50,000 soldiers who do not exist, the latest sign of corruption in a force that the U.S. hopes to help contain the Islamic State militant group.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told the country's Parliament that the practice was revealed as part of a preliminary investigation, and that further probes would likely show "more and more" false names.

"Ghost soldiers" refer to people whose names appear on military rolls and who are paid salaries, but are not in military service. The Washington Post reported that the practice is often carried out by officers, who pretend to have more soldiers on their books then they really do and pocket the extra salary.
DC's plans for world domination hinge on successfully imposing multiculturalism at home and abroad, as we've pointed out before. This is not conspiracy theory, nor is it conjecture - it's simply a matter of taking the Empire's spokesmen at their word. For example, NATO's supreme commander, General Wesley Clark, said this of Bill Clinton's bombing campaign against Serb civilians in 1999: "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th-century idea and we are trying to transition it into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."

Multiculturalism, like communism, cannot exist without violence. As long as there is an artificial force propping it up, it will appear to survive. But once people are free to self-organize, which they will always do, multiculturalism will fail. Count on it.