Friday, January 30, 2015

Obama must finally end NSA phone record collection

Obama, like every other Permanent Dictator of the US, gives a smiley face to the Empire's skunk works. It's a tag team endeavor, with "conservative" Republicans and "liberal" Democrats taking turns to turning their constituency to support big-government projects. So Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush put a conservative veneer on such liberal projects as amnesty for illegal aliens. Obama's major focus has been to expand the power of the national security state while silencing potential liberal critics. Even when the (toothless) Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) advises curtailing citizen surveillance, the liberals remains eerily quiet. From the Guardian:

... the rise of the Islamic State (Isis), the terrorist attack in Paris and a Republican-led Congress increasingly willing to use those phenomena as a cudgel against privacy advocates have complicated congressional attitudes to mass surveillance.

The PCLOB, however, found in a January 2014 report that the bulk phone records collection had not stopped terrorist attacks and had “limited value” in combatting terrorism more broadly. Despite the NSA effort’s repeated blessing by a secret surveillance court, the PCLOB considered the program illegal.
Interesting, isn't it, that we have to look to the British press to find out what DC's up to? Kind of sad.

So you can bet Obama's going to refuse to scale back citizen surveillance. Why? Because government spying has NOTHING to do with protecting "the Homeland" from terror attacks, and everything to do with protecting the government from its subjects. It's possible -- despite the overwhelming evidence -- that the serfs might one day discover their backbones and demand an end to illegal spying, endless wars, demographic revolution, etc.

It could happen.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

White House Drone Crash Described as a U.S. Worker’s Drunken Lark

Oh, those mischievous government employees:

It was 42 degrees and raining lightly around 3 a.m. on Monday when an inebriated off-duty employee for a government intelligence agency decided it was a good time to fly his friend’s drone, a 2-foot-by-2-foot “quadcopter” that sells for hundreds of dollars and is popular among hobbyists.

But officials say the plan was foiled, perhaps by wind or a tree, when the employee — who has not been named by the Secret Service or charged with a crime — lost control of the drone as he operated it from an apartment just blocks from the White House.

He texted his friends, worried that the drone had gone down on the White House grounds, and then went to sleep.
And when he awoke the next day, he found out his little escapade made the news. Proving once again that government causes problems that only the government can deal with. Now that the safety of the Leader of the Free World is at stake, the ONLY THING TO DO is to illegally surveil more citizens. Just watch.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A "bigoted slur" mars North Carolina Democratic Forum

Here's the present state of the party that gave us Zeb Vance, Charles Aycock, and Sam Ervin. A candidate for the State Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party pulled a major no-no when referring to a "transgender" member, and you know what happened next -- politically correct grovelling, of course. After all, they're members of what is now The Evil Party. From The New York Daily News:

A forum between North Carolina Democratic Party chair hopefuls came to an awkward pause when a candidate called her transgender challenger “a man.”

The snide comment by former state House Rep. Patsy Keever caught Janice Covington — a transgender woman — by surprise Tuesday at a Gastonia forum.

As a past Democratic National Convention delegate, Covington said she ran as a disabled veteran, senior citizen and member of the LGBT community, but she couldn’t remember the other group, reported the News Observer.

Keever, the presiding vice-chair of the party, chimed in.

“A man,” Keever suggested, leaving members of the audience and Covington shocked.

“There ain’t no man left in here, honey,” Covington quickly retorted.

The comment hurt Covington, the first transgender candidate for the state’s Democratic party, she told QNotes.
And there's only one thing to do when a mascot of multiculturalism is offended, and that's to grovel. Keever offered a written apology: “I referred to you using an incorrect gender pronoun,” Keever wrote. “That was inaccurate and offensive, and not the way that I would conduct myself as chair of the North Carolina Democratic party.”

Yes, forget about that pesky Y chromosome. We're living in an enchanted age when people can wish themselves into whatever sex, I mean, gender, they want, and folks from the Third World magically transform into ideal Americans when they wade ashore or climb a wall. Reality really is negotiable.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The European Union is collapsing

The serfs are rebelling against the globalist elite. Seems the people don't share their overlords' desire to toss thousands of years' worth of heritage in exchange for a flattened monoculture in the name of maximizing corporate profits. From The Telegraph:

Europe is being swept by a wave of popular disenchantment and revolt against mainstream political parties and the European Union.

In 2007, a majority of Europeans - 52 per cent - trusted the EU. That level of trust has now fallen to a third.

Once, Britain's Euroscepticism was the exception, and was seen as the biggest threat to the future of the EU.

In Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark it is immigration that has become the touchstone for a popular sense that institutions do not represent the people.
And good riddance.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Britain announces new powers for Scotland

As I predicted after Scottish independence was derailed by London's scare campaign, the momentum for greater autonomy continues. London can no longer control its blood-soaked empire, and as it yields concessions to the more restless regions, others are beginning to clamor for a greater say in their own government. From Reuters:

The British government began a historic transfer of powers to Scotland on Thursday, keeping a pledge it had given to persuade Scots to reject independence as renewed nationalist support surges.

The draft bill, to be enacted after a general election on May 7, will further dismantle Britain's highly centralized system of government, a move critics fear could trigger the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom.

It has already spurred demands from some politicians for similar moves in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, teeing up political uncertainty and heralding an eventual redistribution of power in the world's sixth largest economy.
That sound you hear is the dead-enders of Big Government gnashing their teeth.

The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War

David Stockman's address to the Committee of the Republic is a well-researched indictment not just of WWI, but of all overseas interventionism. It details the actual harm done to the peoples of Europe, and to the American republic. Of course, government-approved history would have you believe America's intervention in "The Great War" was a courageous stand for democracy. Read the whole thing and you'll see what BS that claim is.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another note on comments

I'm still reeling from the creeping crud, so posting has been light. But I feel it's time to say this: I wouldn't have thought I'd need to re-post this gentle reminder, but apparently I do:

Here's how to get your comment deleted on Rebellion:

Profanity. Now, I'm not a holier-than-thou type, but I don't care for foul language. Use it here, and you get your comment zapped.
Hijacking. Stray too far off topic, and the hammer comes down. You feel like ranting? Get a blog.
Racial epithets. Giving the SPLC free ammo is REALLY frowned upon. Yes, I'm talking to you, "Beauregard Lee IV."

That's pretty much it. I encourage bracing debate, so don't think I delete comments just because I don't agree with them. I don't.

I'll add to that short list comments that make the same point no matter my original post. So Yankee Joe, I don't care to hear about Judah P. Benjamin or your Golden Circle when I talk about gun rights or Neocons. And spamming me with numerous copies of the same comment only makes it less likely I'll approve your next comment that would otherwise be acceptable.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Modest Proposal

Seems "Reverend" Al Sharpton feels snubbed because Hollywood failed to nominate any Blacks for Best Actor.

Here's my suggestion: Let's nominate Al Sharpton for Best Performance for a Race Hustler. Then everyone will be happy.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Executive Action Amnesty Is "Our Selma"

They're laying it on pretty thick on the immigration debate, and no one can slather on the hooey like Luis Gutierrez:

Gutierrez held a press conference with Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., from the Comunidad Cristiana church in Elizabeth. The lawmakers reiterated their support of Obama's immigration executive action and the House Republicans efforts to block the deferred action programs from existing.

"This is the civil rights movement of our time," said Gutierrez. "This is our Selma and we will walk, we will march, we will be arrested, we will do anything and everything it takes to make sure families are protected in this nation."

"This is our opportunity," added Gutierrez, noting the Republican Party's response to the broken immigration system is "to criminalize and demonize people who only want to work and see a better future for themselves."
Let's hope he's right, and that Obama's attempt to import some 20 million Third-Worlders does end up like "Selma," and bombs at the box office.

Robert E. Lee, Southern Heritage, Media Bias, and Al Sharpton

Gail Jarvis reminds us, "The anniversary of the birthday of this remarkable man should be a very special day, not only for Southerners, but for all Americans who acknowledge true heroes. Unlike today’s media-created celebrities, Lee was a genuine hero. In addition to his exemplary public life, General Lee’s personal life didn’t involve scandals or debauched behavior that had to be hidden from the public eye."

My, how things have changed. These days, "debauched behavior" is a sacred constitutional right. Little wonder such a country has all but forgotten men such as General Lee.

Today North Carolina Recognizes the Birth Date of General Robert E. Lee

A Legal Holiday in the State Since 1894

President Dwight Eisenhower said of Lee in 1960:

“General Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. He believed unswervingly in the Constitutional validity of his cause . . . was thoughtful yet demanding of his officers and men, forbearing with captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting and personally courageous in battle, and never disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his belief in God.

Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history. From deep conviction I simply say this: a nation of men of Lee’s caliber would be unconquerable in spirit and soul.”

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Woman plans to marry her father after two years of dating

What the advocates of same-sex "marriage" assured us could not, would not happen, has happened:

A teenager has revealed in an interview that she plans to marry her father and have children after dating for two years.

The unnamed 18-year-old revealed in an interview with New York Magazine her romantic relationship of almost two years with her biological father after being estranged from him for 12 years.

In the interview, the girl also said the two also plan on having children.

The teenager said her father reached out to her on Facebook when she was in high school and soon after, she went to stay with him for a week.

After the week together, the 18-year-old said they had sex and then started dating.
Globalism's war against society is focused on dissolving the traditional family, as well as all the moral restraints that once defined and enriched family life. The goal is radical individualism and its primary impulse is self-gratification. Looks like we're well on our way.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quotes of the day

"To laugh at the Prophet, the repository of all that Muslims revere and find precious, to reduce him to the level of the scabrous and comedic, is something very different from 'free speech' as usually understood. It is a violent act surely conscious of its capacity to cause distress, ratchet up prejudice and damage social cohesion." Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim theologian

"[T]he goal is not to chill free speech, but rather to identify and remove speech that crosses the line into racism, anti-Semitism or bigotry." Anti-Defamation League press release

Isn't it nice to see Jews and Muslims finally agreeing on something? Both invoke tolerance to justify having the government monitor and limit free speech.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Travis Tritt Flies His Red Flag

Travis Tritt may have started something with this tweet:

Country music singer Travis Tritt recently tweeted a controversial comment in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. The tweet was in support of gun owners but at the same time took an implicit swipe at Muslims and the liberal media. The tweet has generated the predictable outrage, but also a lot of supportive replies.

It is interesting that we are asked to NOT judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics. Too bad gun owners can’t get same judgement [sic].

A quick Google search reveals that Travis Tritt is an open Republican, which is exactly what you would expect him to be if he weren’t a celebrity. Tritt is a male country music singer from Marietta, Georgia (pronounce May-Rhetta by us Georgians) which likely makes him what I’ll call a visceral Red. In the US, musicians, actors and other celebrities are generally associated with liberalism, but liberalism and the Democrat party coalition have become increasingly focused on upholding the PC narrative and enforcing rightthink, and much less concerned with the economic status of the working man.
Is this the beginning of a backlash against the elite's war on Middle America, and specifically the South? Stay tuned.

Robert E. Howard, Southern Writer

Robert E. Howard’s Conan tales often make lists of pro-conservative fiction. The American Conservative, for example, touted Howard's Conan tales as outstanding, if disturbing, examples of "last men" narratives, which explore the human condition within a background of the collapse of civilization. The Abbeville Institute has published my introduction to Howard's stories and the surprisingly complex worldview they portray.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Increase taxes to stop defense cuts?

Mac Thornberry is the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and an alleged "conservative" who proposes new taxes to glut the Pentagon even more.

Like the former Prussia, the US is not a country with a military; it is a military with a country to feed off of.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sixty-four percent (64%) of American voters see conflict between Western civilization and Islam

That's the latest Rasmussen Survey.

Why do so many Americans hold such intolerant beliefs? Maybe it's this:

Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged ISIS-Inspired Plot on US Capitol

Or this:

'Mideastern' suspects probe Delaware military base for security weaknesses

Or possibly this:

Portland teen accused of threatening to blow up NE Portland deli 'in the name of Allah'

Well, whatever's making Americans distrust Muslims, they better stop it or someone's going to call them bad names. What fate could be worse than that?

This is the Empire we love so much

Per President Obama's orders, no CIA goons be prosecuted for widespread and fully documented torture. In fact, the only person who will face punishment for this embarrassing scandal will be the whistleblower who informed the press about the crimes. Say hello -- and goodbye -- to David Buckley, who is now pursuing new opportunities in the private sector:

The CIA's internal watchdog will resign at the end of January, a departure that comes just months after his office found that the spy agency had hacked into computers used by Senate staffers to investigate its Bush-era "enhanced interrogation techniques," the CIA said Monday.

David Buckley will leave the agency on Jan. 31 to "pursue an opportunity in the private sector," the CIA said in a statement. Christopher Sharpley, the deputy CIA inspector general, will serve as acting inspector general upon Buckley's departure.

The CIA indicated that Buckley's resignation was both amicable and planned, although it comes after a particularly tumultuous year for the agency, which was enveloped in controversy leading up to the release last month of the Senate torture report.
Rectal feeding, rectal rehydration, ice-water dousing, waterboarding -- yep, makes you proud to be an American.

Quote of the day

"Nationalism is why Sweet Home Alabama strikes a deep chord in everyone who hears it, even if they have never been in the United States and couldn't find Alabama on a map. It's a love song by a southern man to his own people, and even if we don't share that particular love, we understand it, we recognize it. And anyhow, Southern Man need not hate Neil Young to know he doesn't need Neil Young around." Vox Day

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quote of the day

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered [...] peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so." - Adolf Hitler, gun safety advocate

Hi. We're From the Federal Government

This sounds like an Onion satire that's so over-the-top, it was rejected. But it's a true story of an increasingly belligerent and autocratic government:

It’s a morning Kenneth Wright will never forget: 15 armed agents break in his front door and grab him by the neck, still in the boxer shorts he slept in. For six hours, a handcuffed Wright sat in a cruiser parked outside with his three children, ages 3, 7, and 11, while agents searched his house.

“They put me in handcuffs in that hot patrol car for six hours, traumatizing my kids,” the Stockton, Calif., resident told a local news outlet at the time.

Drugs? Weapons? Domestic violence? No. As Wright later found out, his gun-toting visitors were from the Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). What the neighbors mistook as a S.W.A.T. team raid was really the execution of a search warrant in a student loan fraud case involving Wright’s wife, who wasn’t even there at the time.

“They busted down my door for this,” he exclaimed, “it wasn’t even me.”
The words "Department of Education" evoke images of rows of Milquetoasts poring over test scores. As the love child of uber-Milquetoast President Jimmy Carter, its name suggests stifling bureaucracy rather than menace. But here we are.

The article details how many federal agencies, including the Department of Agriculture (?), are gearing up with the latest no-nonsense weaponry. This is a clear and chilling case of a ruling elite arming itself against an angry subject population that sees its government as increasingly alien and illegitimate. Stories like this can only widen the chasm between the two.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Playing the Terror Card

The progs are loudly tsk-tsking those who point to the slaughter in Paris as vindication of their warnings about Muslim immigration. Why, those "anti-immigration extremists" are exploiting a tragedy!

Here's what we should worry about: proponents of the Surveillance State who're using the Charlie Hebdo tragedy to terrify its subjects into submitting to even more snooping from Big Brother. Case in point: Charles Lane of the Washington Post:

Here’s an irony: Americans and Europeans have spent much of the past year and a half debating how to rein in the potential threat that the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance poses to privacy and freedom.

In fact, if you wanted to fault the “surveillance state” for anything, in light of these events, it might be for being insufficiently comprehensive.

The Paris massacre reminds us once again that there are real threats to democracy, from states and organizations that regard freedom itself as evil, and that Western democracies need strong intelligence, police and military institutions, appropriately restrained by law, to counter those threats.
Notice Lane says nothing about stopping Muslim colonization of America. No, the only course is to continue to import the Third World and to ramp up government surveillance so DC can keep its watchful eyes on everyone.

The Battle of New Orleans

William Cawthon has a great post at the Abbeville Institute blog on "The Eighth of January," a date once celebrated throughout the South to commemorate Andrew Jackson's victory over "the bloody British" at New Orleans. Check it out, and don't miss Johnny Horton's music video! Lots of memories there.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rethinking the American Experiment

In his review of John Zmirak's and Jason Scott Jones's The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principles, Jerry Salyer observes that the current regnant ideology, which celebrates reason and objectivity, and laments the "blindness" of its opponents, is in fact blind to its own prejudices.

Having rebelled against his Creator, modern man tries to reinvent himself as if he were not an organic being, as if he had no roots, no ancestors, no particular history, no heritage—as if he were a being of pure spirit, or a machine, or a standardized yet infinitely malleable pod-person grown in a laboratory. As he has “progressed” beyond a reverence for kinship that he deems barbaric, he doesn't worry all that much when fathers abandon families, when mothers prioritize careers over having and rearing children, when elderly parents and grandparents are swept away into nursing homes, when paternal authority is made an object of mockery, when sexuality's proper function of propagating nations has been publicly repudiated for the sake of sentimental hedonism.
Not only does modern man have no roots, ancestors, or heritage, he doesn't even have a stable identity. But we're supposed to believe that's a good thing -- why, if you have no inherited identity, you can be anything you imagine yourself to be.

Case in point: a recent Charlotte Observer article focused on a local organization called Time Out Youth (get it? OUT?). This group exists to assure budding homosexuals they are victims, and damned cool ones at that. The puff piece featured the comments of Blake Brockington, who is male because Blake Brockington has decided that Blake Brockington is male, no matter what others may say:

"When I got my period," says Blake Brockington, 18, who was known as a girl until his sophomore year at East Mecklenburg High School, "my aunt told me, 'Welcome to womanhood,' I was like 'Noooo!'"

Brockington, who moved to Charlotte from Charleston when he was 12, was also forced to wear dresses to church and family events. “It didn’t make sense. I felt like a boy.”
Just to make sure everyone recognizes just how special Blake Brockington really is, he/she has dyed his/her hair florescent red and wears a rainbow-colored shirt. And never mind those double-X chromosomes. Now that's "reinventing" yourself.

Charlotte shrink Holly Savoy is quoted as saying, "“To be your true self and have the freedom of self-expression is central to being happy.”

This is radical individualism at its most radical expression, at least thus far. I'm sure the Cultural Marxists, who are hell-bent on erasing traditional society, are cooking up an even wackier definition, one that goes further North of the North Pole toward totally untethered concepts of the "liberated self." Stay tuned.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Quote of the day

"Westerners and Muslims don’t agree on the basics of social order and don’t want to live under the same rules. That shouldn’t be a problem because that’s what separate countries are for. We should stop occupying their countries and stop letting them move to ours." - Steve Sailer

Breaking Away: The Case for Secession


The 20th century marked the rise of huge national governments, characterized by growing executive authority, standing armies, and powerful central banks. Across the western world, the last 100 years have seen states expand their power exponentially — at the expense of civil society and markets.

Unease with large, top-down, bureaucratic nation-states is growing however. National identities based on history, culture, economics, and language do not always coexist easily with geo-political borders and governments. And current political arrangements increasingly serve the interests of political and economic elites, drawing populist criticism from both left and right.

The growing number of secession movements around the world gives rise to our topic: breaking away from current government structures that do so much harm to liberty, peace, and prosperity. We will examine the philosophical and historical underpinnings of secession, the benefits of radical decentralization, and how disengagement from tyrannical states may be the last, best hope for the endangered classical liberal tradition.

Join Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Brion McClanahan, and Jeff Deist for a one-day seminar on breaking away from the central state. Large selections from the Mises Bookstore will be available for purchase. Show your Mises Membership card to the cashier for a 10% discount. Speakers are happy to autograph books. Questions: Call the Mises Institute at 334-321-2100 or 800-636-4737 or email Pat Barnett.

California newspaper office vandalized over use of 'illegal' immigrant label

In Paris, Muslim vigilantes have taken matters into their own hands. The native population says things that offend the Muslims' delicate sensibilities, and have paid the price for doing so. The latest reports tell us that two people have been killed in a Jewish deli, so that story is still developing.

Meanwhile, here is the land mass formerly known as the USA, revanchist Hispanics are teaching lessons to their hosts in what they can and cannot say. From Fox News:

A California newspaper will continue to use the term "illegals" to describe people who enter the U.S. without permission, despite an attack on its building by vandals believed to object to the term.

The Santa Barbara News-Press's front entrance was sprayed with the message "The border is illegal, not the people who cross it" in red paint, sometime either Wednesday night or early Thursday, according to the newspaper's director of operations, Donald Katich. The attack came amid wider objections to a News-Press headline that used the word "illegals" alongside a story on California granting driver's licenses to people in the country illegally.

"The vandalism and the damage speak for itself, as well as the motivation behind it," Santa Barbara Police Officer Mitch Jan said. "At this point in time, I don't really have any suspect information. Without cameras or an eyewitness, we really don't know who would be responsible."
The question now is: Have we learned our lesson? Will Americans submit to the claims of their colonizers? Or will additional lessons be necessary? Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Next on the Agenda: Outlawing Guns

What's next for the leftist/statist agenda? Let's see, same-sex "marriage" has been forced upon a grumbling but compliant population. Ditto amnesty, which is all but complete, with only a little formality of a presidential decree needed to legalize some 20 million illegal aliens. With so many successes, what can they want now?

Oh, yes. The right of self-defense is a major stumbling block to their ultimate goal. So how can our handlers convince us to surrender our right of self-defense? Simple: Take the winning strategy used by the homosexual lobby. Why mess with a plan that works? From the New York Times:

The gun control movement, blocked in Congress and facing mounting losses in federal elections, is tweaking its name, refining its goals and using the same-sex marriage movement as a model to take the fight to voters on the state level.

After a victory in November on a Washington State ballot measure that will require broader background checks on gun buyers, groups that promote gun regulations have turned away from Washington and the political races that have been largely futile. Instead, they are turning their attention — and their growing wallets — to other states that allow ballot measures.
This is really big. First of all, notice how dishonest these people are. In public, they assure us they're not against guns. The article quotes Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, who gurgles, “I own three guns,” said Mr. McAuliffe, a Democrat. “I love to take my three boys hunting. This is not gun restriction, this is anticrime.” Who could oppose "anticrime" legislation? What are you, pro-gangster? So just as same-sex marriage has been promoted as "pro-family" and "for the children," anti-gun laws will be couched in conservative language. The suckers will never know what hit them!

But there's a bright side to this. The other significant impact of this movement will be to further widen the gap between the South and Northwest. The gun control gun safety campaign will focus on those States already hostile to private gun ownership. By concentrating its efforts on State legislatures rather than on Congress, the gun-grabbers will magnify the differences between the two regions. Where will that lead? Who knows? But it will certainly be interesting.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"We have avenged the Prophet!"

Tragic but predictable news from Paris:

Twelve people have been shot dead at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, say police.

Three masked gunmen stormed the offices of the controversial publication, which has previously been attacked over its portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

They were armed with Kalashnikov rifles and are also believed to have had a rocket-propelled grenade.
Consider this the inevitable fruits of multiculturalism. It's happening here, too. When a Black man kills an Hispanic and Asian as revenge for a White cop killing a Black perpetrator, as happened in New York -- triggering others to seek more street justice -- that's multiculturalism at work.

This is the brave, new world our handlers are imposing on us against our will, and against our best interests. And brace yourselves -- this is just the beginning.

WARNING: Graphic violence in video.

Clearly, this is a case of workplace violence that could have been prevented with better gun control laws. And maybe some diversity training thrown in for good measure.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The "Hard Hand of War"

Kirkpatrick Sale examines the radical shift in America's military strategy that was the inevitable by-product of Lincoln's Revolution. This meant that the Enemy, whoever he was, would no longer be engaged in accordance with the terms of traditional Christian warfare, with strict protection for non-combatants and humane treatment of prisoners of war, but as a sub-human entity that deserved death. From The Abbeville Institute blog:

The kind of military onslaught that Union Gen. William Sherman unleashed on the South, beginning with his infamous conquest of Atlanta and subsequent “March to the Sea,” followed by his capture of Savannah 150 years ago this month, came to be called, in the 20th century, “total war.”

That meant a war waged with full military mobilization not only against the enemy army but upon civilians in enemy territory and their property, stores and factories, with murder, looting, arson and assault from which neither women, children, the elderly or infirm were spared. It had never been seen before in the history of civilization, and it set a precedent for the all-out slaughters of the two world wars of the next century.
If you ever wondered how the US could have degenerated into a global monster whose military believed it was justified in "bombing the enemy into the Stone Age" or that destroying a village is necessary to save it, Kirkpatrick Sale's post will make it chillingly clear.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

How Sharpton gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations

Surprise, surprise -- seems corporate donations to race hustlers civil rights activists are motivated by fear and greed, rather than the altruistic cause these activists push. From the New York Post:

Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist?

Then you need to pay Al Sharpton.

For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence.
Be sure to read the whole thing -- in addition to millions of dollars of bribes donations from big business, Rev. Al got a $25,000-a-year gig as an "adviser" to Pepsi after the good reverend threatened a national boycott.

Nice work if you can get it.

Quote of the day

"The incomparable success of Marxism is due to the prospect it offers of fulfilling those dream-aspirations and dreams of vengeance which have been so deeply imbedded in the human soul from time immemorial. It promises a Paradise on earth, a Land of Hearts Desire full of happiness and enjoyment, and — sweeter still to the losers in life’s game — humiliation of all who are stronger and better than the multitude. Logic and reasoning, which might show the absurdity of such dreams of bliss and revenge, are to be thrust aside.… It is against Logic, against Science and against the activity of thought itself." -- Ludwig von Mises

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sebesta can't stop himself

Ed Sebesta has issued a head-scratching response to my December 30 post inwhich I questioned his assertion that the bad behavior of two SCV members somehow reveals, in his words, "What type of people are attracted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans." I pointed out a tiny sample of the WORSE outrages committed by the leadership of the NAACP and wondered what conclusions we can draw about that organization.

Here's Sebesta's response: "For the League of the South I might point out a person's misbehavior is not excused by the misbehavior of others."

Now if I'd listed the NAACP's scandals and claimed "See? The NAACP did bad stuff, so it was okay for Ron Wilson to cheat his friends out of their money," Sebesta's counterthrust would have made sense. But that's not what I said. So Sebesta only confirms my point that he is a hypocrite who does not hold leftist organizations to the same standards he demands of pro-Southern conservative groups. And he also shows what happens to the brain of a person who nurses an unhealthy obsession.