Saturday, May 30, 2015

Quote of the day

Or maybe quote of the century:

"In the late 1990s, the President was impeached for lying about a sexual affair by a House of Representatives led by a man who was also then hiding a sexual affair, who was supposed to be replaced by another Congressman who stepped down when forced to reveal that he too was having a sexual affair, which led to the election of a new Speaker of the House who now has been indicted for lying about payments covering up his sexual contact with a boy." Orin Kerr, professor at George Washington University Law School

And that, ladies and gentlemen, perfectly sums up the state of both morality and politics in the last days of the DC Empire.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Quo Vadis?

The DC ("Doomed to Collapse") Empire is so fractured, so muddled, that it is now going in opposite directions at the same time. Consider these headlines:

White House: US won't be 'responsible' for 'security situation' in Iraq

Pentagon Vows to Improve Training, Arming of Iraqi Troops

Of course, what else could we expect from a regime that is on both sides of the Syrian civil war?

That's why empires inevitably collapse. Without a unifying culture guiding it, a multicult empire starts to drift and fall apart. When the only goal it has is the expansion of its own power, mindless violence is the only thing it can do -- no matter that it's self-destructive.

The Truth About The Battle Hymn Of The Republic

It's not often you see Establishment myths upended in the mainstream media, but this explication of the Battle Hymn Of The Republic was published in Mark Steyn's column:

Dear Mark,

I'm a long time reader and fan of your columns and would really like to purchase one or your autographed books to help sustain your fight against blow-hard charlatans like Michael Mann, but just when I'm about to make a purchase, I note the recent re-post of your column on the "Battle Hymn of the Republic". You write,

"The songs many of those soldiers marched to are still known today.....But this one belongs in a category all its own"

It certainly does, considering it is about the only song I know of that enlists blasphemy and twisted, apostatized theology for the express purpose to encourage genocide against Americans. During the war, certain New England clergymen openly called for a campaign not merely of suppression, but outright extermination of the white Southern population. The idea was that following a campaign of genocide against whites, the former slaves would be forcibly deported across the seas and the South would be repopulated with northern whites, particularly New England Yankees.

Julia Ward Howe's blasphemous song certainly captures this thinking and attempts to provide a twisted ideological justification with verses like,

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel: "As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal; Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel, Since God is marching on."

This verse is commonly omitted these days, particularly from church hymnals, because of its overt perversion of the gospel message in likening northern cannons to gospel writ and Southerners to the Serpent. I suppose even American idolatry of the military has its limits, even if most people are unaware of the offensiveness of the rest of the song.

A song to encourage the wholesale slaughter of Americans seems like a strange choice for a Memorial Day tribute; change a few of the words and substitute the biblical references with quote from the Koran and it would make a grand marching song for ISIL.
Read the rest at SteynOnline.

Howe's "hymn" became the blueprint for most of the DC Empire's propaganda, using Christian and patriotic imagery and references to fool the public into supporting leftist and imperialist projects. Howe, of course, followed Lincoln's example, which was repeated often, such as in the Civil Rights Revolution, the Iraq War, and the current crusade for same-sex "marriage."

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baltimore Police Have Learned Their Lesson

The good folks of West Baltimore won! Burning drug stores and looting liquor stores were actually courageous acts committed in the name of social justice. As Tim Wise noted at the time, George Washington used political violence, so the Baltimore rioters were simply carrying on Washington's legacy. As a result, the eeeevil police are no longer oppressing West Baltimore:

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said last week his officers "are not holding back" from policing tough neighborhoods, but they are encountering dangerous hostility in the Western District.

"Our officers tell me that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time," Batts said.

At a City Council meeting Wednesday, Batts said officers have expressed concern they could be arrested for making mistakes.
Now that the Baltimore police have learned their lesson, West Baltimore is a utopia. Wait a minute ... what's this:

Baltimore has suffered a surge in gun violence and a sharp drop in arrests since the death of Freddie Gray from injuries he suffered in police custody unleashed protests and prompted closer scrutiny of police practices.

Residents around the city have taken new measures in an effort to be safe.

Antoinette Perrine has barricaded her front door since her brother was killed three weeks ago on a basketball court near her home in the Harlem Park neighborhood of West Baltimore. She already has iron bars outside her windows and added metal slabs on the inside to deflect the gunfire.

"I'm afraid to go outside," said Perrine, 47. "It's so bad, people are afraid to let their kids outside. People wake up with shots through their windows. Police used to sit on every corner, on the top of the block. These days? They're nowhere."
Yes, the Baltimore police learned their lesson, all right. And now the residents of West Baltimore are learning one as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Department of Defense Lab Ships 'live anthrax" to Nine States

Live anthrax? Yes, mistakenly shipped to nine states -- no word yet how many have been exposed.

Add in atomic bombs dropping on civilian areas, and the infamous Project Northwoods, and you have to wonder if al Qaeda and ISIS are just sitting back and waiting for the Pentagon to do their job for them.

The NAACP’s Monster Under the Bed

Meet the Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood, and learn about his, uh, fascinating theories. For example, did you know there's a conspiracy among Jews, White CEOs, and "poor white racists" to assassinate Obama? Gatewood has also supported the "African People's Socialist Party," and once praised the Fort Hood murderer as a "hero" and "brother."

Gatewood isn't just some rogue nutcase, either -- the head of the North Carolina NAACP, William Barber, deemed Gatewood "a strong servant of justice" who represents Barber "on behalf of the NAACP.”

And just think -- in the DC Empire, the NAACP is mainstream.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gentrification Spreads an Upheaval in San Francisco’s Mission District

It's the most horrible catastrophe to hit San Francisco since the 1906 earthquake, or even the arrival of Diane Feinstein: White people are taking over the city's Mission District, pushing out Latinos:

“The Mission is ground zero for the fight for the future of San Francisco,” said David Campos, the city supervisor who represents most of the nearly two-square-mile district. “People think San Francisco is an island of progressive thinking,” he said, but San Francisco “has the fastest-growing income inequality of any city in the nation,” he said, citing a Brookings Institution study. “Medium- and low-income people are being left behind,” Mr. Campos said.

Another complaint is that the influx of newcomers is bleaching out the Latino culture that drew them here. “People who come here say, ‘I love these murals,’” Mr. Campos said, adding, “You cannot have the art without the artists. We are losing this neighborhood.”
Get that? All those Whites are "bleaching out" the vibrant Latino culture. I wonder how the oh-so-politically correct New York Times would describe it if Blacks or Latinos supplanted a White community? Actually, this article just reeks of hypocrisy. As we all know, when Latinos, or anybody for that matter, overwhelm a traditionally White area, it is a cause for celebration. And note the (correct) assumption that culture arises from the predominant population, a tenet that only reactionaries are usually allowed to notice. Normally, the corporate media describe culture as this mysterious thing that hovers over areas and somehow makes people behave a certain way ("culture of poverty").

The double standard is so blatant, it's almost funny, isn't it?

Problem, Solution!

Here's the problem, as illustrated in these headlines:

Murder Rate Skyrockets 45% in Manhattan

12 Killed, 43 Wounded In Memorial Day Weekend Shootings in Chicago

Baltimore Bloodshed Continues; 28 Shot, 9 Dead Over Holiday Weekend

What is to be done about Black-on-Black violence? Why, the answer is obvious: Deliberately insult Southerners:

A Florida college professor’s plan to burn a Confederate flag on Memorial Day is stirring up controversy by those who say it should instead be a time to remember those who have died while defending America’s freedom.

Julian Chambliss, chairman of the Department of History and Africa and African-American Studies program at Rollins College, told the Orlando Sentinel that he decided to host the event because the days of slavery in America are dead.

“That part of our history needs to be buried,” Chambliss said.
Yes, that will take care of the problem. Most folks would never have thought of such a solution. Guess that's why Mr. Chambliss is a college professor.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Quote of the day

"For every flag he burns and buries, we will put 10 more up." -- Ben Jones, in response to a dilettante's inflammatory project of burning and burying Confederate flags throughout the South.

Iraq Forces Crumble Before ISIS

Here's a mystery: How is it that the Iraqi Army, with all of its material advantages, gets its butt handed to it by the rag-tag forces of ISIS? Our rulers are dumbfounded, including the sitting Secretary of Imperial Aggression Defense:

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in his first comments since the key town of Ramadi fell to ISIS, blamed the weak state of Iraq's military as one major reason for the city's fall, in an exclusive interview on CNN's "State of the Union" aired Sunday.

"What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight," Carter told CNN's Barbara Starr. "They were not outnumbered. In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and yet they failed to fight, they withdrew from the site, and that says to me, and I think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the Iraqis to fight ISIL and defend themselves."

Carter's remarks are the strongest yet from any Obama administration official speaking on the record since the last week's events when Ramadi fell. The U.S. has sped up the shipment of some arms to help boost Iraqi forces as ISIS has recently taken more territory, but the U.S. defense chief said Iraq's military needs to step up.
Maj. General Tim Cross declared that the Iraqi army lacked the "will to fight" and "moral cohesion" to operate as a unified force.

Both are right. "Iraq" is an artificial country imposed by the victorious British and French after WWI on Palestinians, Marsh Arabs, Bedouins and other Arab subgroups, as well as Kurds. The country is predominantly Muslim, but the Muslims are bitterly divided between Sunnis and Shiites. So there is no shared heritage to unify these unfortunate peoples. A nation acquires an identity the same way an individual does, by remembering the history that shaped and defined it. But an individual who suffers memory loss and tries to function with a jumble of life stories of strangers would no longer be an authentic individual, but a Frankenstein monster.

As we saw in Bosnia and now in Iraq, it's the same with nations. People randomly tossed together cannot form a real nation. What we call Iraq would be much better off as three, possibly four, independent nations.

But that is not an option. One of the major goals of the DC Empire was to prove that multiculturalism can be made to work. And the result of that little experiment can be seen by the entire world.

And closer to home, the multicultural experiment DC is now imposing on its host population will come to a similar end. It's happening now.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Obama wins new powers to make treaties

Senate Republicans have voted to give Obama sweeping powers to enact a "free trade" treaty with Pacific Rim countries. Like NAFTA, it will enrich globalist corporations at the expense of the Middle Class. Look for more American jobs to migrate to the Third World. That's why most progressives and labor unions opposed the move.

What this illustrates is that neither of the mainstream political parties give a damn about the American people.

Some religions are more equal than others

Speaking of oh-so-politically-correct National Public Radio (see post below), it's interesting how careful its reporters are not to offend Muslims. In every story involving ISIS, that group is referred to as "the self-proclaimed Islamic State." So NPR isn't branding its violence against Shiites and Christians as Islamic; ISIS is saying that!

Got it.

However, in every story regarding Buddhists taking the offensive against Muslims in Myanmar, it's "Buddhists" picking on "Muslims." Which makes sense -- when have you ever heard of a Buddhist shooting or blowing up a reporter for portraying them negatively?

Brazil's Reputation For Race-Blindness Is Undone By Reality

If Brazil can't create a racially egalitarian society, who can?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Violent MS-13 Gang Arrested in Charlotte

It had to happen -- one of the most violent Latino gangs has established itself in Charlotte, NC:

In a series of early morning raids, FBI agents arrested 16 suspected members of a violent street gang named MS-13.

The arrests came after a grand jury indicted 37 suspected members of the gang that has its roots in Los Angeles and has grown to include some 6,000 members across the country, according to estimates by investigators.

Those indicted locally face charges of racketeering and conspiracy, while some are also facing additional charges including murder and attempted murder.

Investigators say they believe three murders, two in Charlotte and one in Rock Hill, were committed by gang members who were part of the indictment.
From the prophetic "I'll Take My Stand":

"... and if the present system persists, in another generation nothing will remain of the local color, the diversity, the humanity, the charm of our South, and we will become assimilated outwardly and inwardly to the street gangs of New York and Chicago."

Oh, and don't forget Los Angeles.

This day in history

In 1775, the citizens of Mecklenburg County called on its representatives in Raleigh, North Carolina, to secede from Great Britain.

In 1861, North Carolina seceded from Lincolnland.

In 2002, Christian East Timor seceded from Muslim Indonesia.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The True Black Tragedy

No, it's not the legacy of slavery, says Walter Williams. The evil force that has devastated Black families and communities is Big Government:

Today the overwhelming majority of black children are raised in single female-headed families. As early as the 1880s, three-quarters of black families were two-parent. In 1925 New York City, 85 percent of black families were two-parent. One study of 19th-century slave families found that in up to three-fourths of the families, all the children had the same mother and father.

Today’s black illegitimacy rate of nearly 75 percent is also entirely new. In 1940, black illegitimacy stood at 14 percent. It had risen to 25 percent by 1965, when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action” and was widely condemned as a racist. By 1980, the black illegitimacy rate had more than doubled, to 56 percent, and it has been growing since. Both during slavery and as late as 1920, a teenage girl raising a child without a man present was rare among blacks.
But Black race hustlers and White liberals aren't going to stop a good con. They'll continue to inflame racial tensions and concoct new government programs in the name of "social justice." Just keep your eye on who gets the benefits.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lindsey Graham: ‘I’m running’ to be ‘best commander in chief’

Oh, look. Puss in Boots wants to save the world:

Sen. Lindsey Graham got out in front of his own campaign announcement Monday, all but declaring he plans to run for president in 2016 -- just seconds after saying he'll reveal his political plans on June 1.

The South Carolina Republican senator, speaking on "CBS This Morning," said he'll formally unveil his campaign plans in his hometown of Central, S.C.

But he also repeatedly used the phrase "I'm running," explaining that he believes he would make the best commander-in-chief. He said he's "running" because "the world is falling apart."
Never mind that the escalating disaster in the Middle East was caused by W the Conqueror's stupid and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. Crazy people think they're Napoleon. Really crazy people think they're Lindsey Graham.

Quote of the day

"I also think that it's appalling that the African American Civil War Museum struggles on a show string budiet but the MOC has so many resources." - Ed Sebesta

He's right. It isn't fair that the Museum of the Confederacy works with real scholars who not only know history but can spell and write coherent sentences while the African-American Civil War Museum has to struggle with a "show string budiet," whatever that is. But sometimes life just isn't fair.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Islamic State routs last elite Iraqi units from Ramadi in huge defeat for Baghdad

This isn't just a defeat for Baghdad, it's a BIG defeat for the US:

Iraqi security forces attempting to retake control of the western city of Ramadi were routed in heavy fighting Sunday, the worst defeat for Iraq’s central government since Islamic State militants stormed across the country last June.

In a replay of last year’s military debacle, elite units abandoned their U.S.-provided equipment to Islamic State fighters and fled the area, leaving several hundred soldiers surrounded in the last government-held enclave in the city.
I suppose an Iraqi "elite unit" is one that actually gets to the battle lines before retreating. Problem is, that means they end up transferring even more US-supplied gear to ISIS, saving them the trouble of having to go get it themselves. Sheesh.

How much have we wasted on this idiotic imperial adventure? Who knows? The article does say that ISIS is now the proud owner of 30 US-supplied Humvees. I checked to see the cost of a military-grade Humvee -- it's up to $220,000. So assuming the Pentagon saved up its Groupons and bought these for only $200,000 apiece, that little skirmish cost US taxpayers $6,000,000.

I'm sure my Neocon trolls will look at this and grumble about how that $6,000,000 could've gone to a worthy cause, such as giving it to Israel.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Asian Coalition Sues Harvard Over Alleged Admission Racial Quotas

Now you KNEW this had to happen. From NBC:

A coalition of more than 60 Asian-American groups filed a complaint today against Harvard University, asking for an investigation into what it alleges are "discriminatory practices" in the Ivy League school's admission process.

"We want to eliminate discrimination of Asian Americans, and we want procedural justice for all racial groups," Yukong Zhao, one of the chief organizers and a guest columnist with the Orlando Sentinel, told NBC News. "All racial groups should be treated equal."
So now what do we do? It's going to be fun to see how we get ourselves out of this one.

Has any abstract, other-worldly notion caused more trouble than "equality"? I doubt it.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quote of the day

"Kinship provides the institutional structures by which individuals and households are integrated into society. Once these ties of blood have been cut, there is only anarchy—and the despotism of absolute government." Thomas Fleming

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SPLC Adds to Hate List

The SPLC has decided the winner of the Muhammad cartoon contest is a "hate group":

Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim who won the Muhammad cartoon contest at the Texas free speech event attacked by two gunmen Sunday, will soon be added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) list of hate groups.

Mr. Fawstin won $12,500 in prize money at the event, sponsored by Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), for a drawing that showed a sword-wielding prophet in a turban shouting, “You can’t draw me.” In reply, a cartoon bubble portrayed the artist as writing, “That’s why I draw you,” Reuters reported.

The SPLC, which already includes AFDI on its annual list of U.S. hate groups, plans to add the artist to its 2016 report, Heidi Beirich, who leads SPLC’s Intelligence Project, told Reuters on Monday.
I have three questions:

1 - The SPLC's loosey-goosey definition of a "hate group" is a group with "beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics." So how is a religious belief an immutable characteristic? Let's not forget that Fawstin, the SPLC's latest bogeyman, is a former Muslim. Doesn't sound that immutable to me.

2 - And look at this headline from the SPLC's Hatewatch blog: 'White Americans’ racial delusions lie in their insistence upon remaining ignorant.

Is the SPLC a "hate group" for slamming "White Americans" for "racial delusions" caused by their "insistence on remaining ignorant"?

3 - Finally, how can one man be considered a "group"?

It's getting hard for the SPLC to manufacture the level of terror and outrage required to keep those donations pouring in. They've already sounded the alarm over people who raise and can their own vegetables, so it was inevitable that cartoonists would have to take the place of real threats.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here's a Hot Stock Tip

From Pat Buchanan:

Should Scotland leave the U.K., this would surely set off a reflex reaction in Catalonia in Spain, Veneto in Italy and Flanders in Belgium.

Moreover, the forces driving the European Union toward a breakup today seem far stronger than the forces for deepening the political and economic ties of Europe.

In postwar Europe, transnationalism and globalism, the opening and erasure of borders, the transfer of power from nation-states to transnational institutions and elites, all seemed inevitable.

No more. Jean Monnet is passe. Now is the time of Marine Le Pen and Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP. Patriotism, populism, nationalism are the growth stocks of 2015.

Northern nations like Germany and Holland are weary of carrying what they see as the lazier and more profligate EU members of Club Med. In Greece and Spain, populist parties are fed up with the endless austerity demands of the Germans.
For decades, both transnational globalists and Marxists have imagined humans are nothing more than worker ants who care for nothing but economics. But we're social beings whose hearts are stirred by heritage and tradition. Belonging to something alive and real is worth more than fleeting monetary gain.

Pat Buchanan sees what the mainstream pundits refuse to see. History will show who was right.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Modern States Are Fragile in the Face of Local Nationalism

Patrick Cockburn dissects the reasons both the global elite and their flying monkeys in the internationalist left have their panties in a wad over the triumph of the Scottish National Party last week:

The triumph of the Scottish Nationalist Party on Thursday and the annihilation of all other parties in Scotland has led to lamentations on left and right over the likely passing of Great Britain as a unitary state.

Oh, boo-hoo. Pity the poor unitary state. With its record of murder and mayhem, only the parasites who live off it will miss it. But of course, the implications go far beyond Scotland:

The glue holding together nations is always a mixture of myth and self-interest which tends to become ossified and discredited over time. At the height of British imperial power in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Scots were part of a British super-nationality that acted as the ruling caste of the empire. Working class solidarity within an industrial economy fostered a sense of British identity, as did loyalty to national institutions, industries, utilities and infrastructure, from the army and the navy to the shipyards and the railway system.
"Myth and self-interest" pretty much describes all that's left of the 19th- and 20th-century megastate. From the unholy alliance of Northern bankers, industrialists, and abolitionists in 1860 who destroyed the voluntary union of sovereign States to forge the single entity of the United States, to the present-day axis of globalist corporations and antifa, the glue holding the whole mess together is wearing thin. Hence the rise of historic nation-state movements, city-states, mini-states, and even non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as viable competitors for people's loyalties.

The future, as they say, is here. Deal with it.

We've always been at war with Eastasia

This letter to the editor of the High Point Enterprise is an example of a loyal subject of the DC Empire who has faithfully swallowed and digested the beliefs of her handlers in government:

Letter to the editor: This is what we've got against Iran

On April 10th, Mr. Kak said he had two questions, so I'm going to try to answer them. In the first question, he asked was, "Why do we hate Iran so deeply?" (I assume by his word “we” that he's including himself.) We don't hate Iran; but we hate the things that Iran and other seemingly terroristic countries do. Things such as getting a bomb that could annihilate us, chopping off people's heads just because they're Christians, burning people alive, etc. They shout "death to America,” and declare to the world that they will destroy Israel.

You mention a proposed law allowing certain amounts of discrimination- because they're Christians- but objection and discrimination are two entirely different things. The things you seem to be referring to as discrimination- such as same-sex marriage, abortion, and homo-sexuality- are not laws made by Christians, but by God Himself. Also, is you're referring to racism, we as Christians vehemently hate racism, and are completely opposed to it. Those of us who are Christians do abide by Him whose name is Jesus Christ, son of the living God. I don't know why anybody would want to make a treaty with a liar like Iran. Iran has announced to the whole world if they get a bomb, they will certainly use it. And would you like to guess who their target would be? Israel? America? God forbid.


Never mind that it is Israel which has illegally and secretly acquired nuclear weapons, while Iran has complied with its obligations under the International Atomic Energy Agency. Or that Iran has not attacked or occupied the lands of its neighbors. Or -- oh, what the hell.

The sad thing is that the writer surely considers herself to be a good conservative who doesn't realize the version of Christianity she practices was set down by the apostles in the District of Columbia. Anti-racist, pro-Israel, pro-war -- yes, it's all there.

God help us.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sociopath alert: Barack Obama

Here's a handy summary of Obama's many lies:

The one incident which probably best illustrates Obama's character is one which took place in 2007. Thomas Sowell describes it thusly:

A classic example [of Obama's phoniness] was his speech to a predominantly black audience at Hampton University on June 5, 2007. That date is important, as we shall see.

In his speech -- delivered in a ghetto-style accent that Obama doesn't use anywhere except when he is addressing a black audience -- he charged the federal government with not showing the same concern for the people of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina hit as they had shown for the people of New York after the 9/11 attacks, or the people of Florida after hurricane Andrew hit.
We're not picking on Obama -- ONLY a sociopath can function as the Temporary Dictator of the DC Empire, a brutal regime founded by force and fraud.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Scottish National Party Sweep!

It was ALMOST as good as the wildest speculation about the SNP's new political vitality. Here are highlights from The Daily Mail:

Nicola Sturgeon's SNP swept to victory across Scotland, winning all but three of Scotland's 59 seats. ...

In an incredible night of political drama, Labour suffered a bloodbath in Scotland and failed to make any gains in England. Mr Miliband said he accepted 'absolute and total responsibility' for the electoral disaster, and resigned with immediate effect. His deputy Harriet Harman also announced she will stand aside. ...

[David Cameron] also signalled that he would sign off a massive devolution of powers to Scotland, after Nicola Sturgeon's SNP stunned everyone to win 56 of 59 seats in Scotland.
"Massive devolution of powers to Scotland" means the border between Scotland and England just got bolder.

See also: Wave of Scottish nationalist support sweeps aside Labour

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Election 2015: Exit poll predicts 58 SNP seats

Wow. This is big news from Scotland:

An exit poll has predicted the SNP could win all but one of Scotland's 59 seats in the general election.

The results of the UK-wide poll were released shortly after voting ended at 22:00 on Thursday.

The SNP won six seats at the 2010 election, but the poll suggested that number could increase to 58.
All but one seat. How about that? What a concept - Scotland for Scots. Not for the English. Not for the DC plutocrats. For Scotland. It staggers the imagination.

Chicago to pay $5.5m in compensation to victims tortured by city's police


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: After years of litigation and negotiation, attorneys with the Northern Poverty Law Center (NPLC) are pleased to announce a settlement with the city of Chicago and the Chicago Police. As reported in the UK Independent:

Chicago and Cook County already have paid around $100m in settlements related to former Chicago police Commander Jon Burge, who was fired in 1993 and later convicted of lying about police torture. He was released from jail in October 2014.

“Chicago has taken a historic step to show the country, and the world, that there should be no expiration date on reparations for crimes as heinous as torture,” Steven Hawkins, executive director of Amnesty International USA, said in a statement.
Mr. Pat Kook, a Senior Inquisitor with the NPLC, noted that his office's findings were no surprise. "Chicago has a lurid history of racism. After the first world war, attempts by Blacks to move into White neighborhoods sparked violent reactions. These tensions exploded in the summer of 1919, when five days of rioting left 23 black Chicagoans dead and 300 wounded."

"In the 1920s, the Chicago Real Estate Board promoted a racially restrictive covenant to YMCAs, churches, women's clubs, PTAs, Kiwanis clubs, chambers of commerce and property owners' associations. At one point, as much as 80% of the city's area was included under restrictive covenants. In 1946, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) tried to ease the pressure in the overcrowded ghettos and proposed to put public housing sites in less congested areas in the city. The white residents did not take to this very well, so city politicians forced the CHA to keep the status quo and develop high rise projects in the Black Belt and on the West Side."

When asked if the city of Chicago has made any progress in its treatment of Blacks, Mr. Kook replied, "Unfortunately, no. Just this March, a report by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois indicated Blacks in Chicago are more likely to be subjected to a “stop and frisk” by police than any other race."

Kook added that people seem to think if they ignore Chicago's racist past, the problem will just go away. "Racial segregation remains Chicago's most fundamental problem. What we achieved with this settlement is only the beginning. The goal, of course, is to make Northern areas such as Chicago catch up to the rest of the country in its treatment of Blacks."

Webmaster's note: The facts in the above are true. The names have been changed to point out the hypocrisy of some parts of the country and of certain individuals.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This day in history

In 1999, Scotland elected its first separate parliament in three centuries.

And tomorrow's election may prove to be just as big a step toward Scottish independence.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pentagon: Texas has nothing to fear from upcoming military exercise

Smiling assurance of good intentions from the people who planned Project Northwoods.

April Top 10

The Abbeville Review had a great April. In that month alone, it exceeded its total 2014 traffic. Here's a link to its most-read posts for April, including my post, The Mind of the North.

Why bother understanding the Yankee mindset? To quote Sun Tzu, "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

Monday, May 4, 2015

One gunman reportedly ID'd in shootings outside Muhammad art show in Garland

It had to happen, and it happened in Garland, Texas:

Two men who opened fire outside a contest for cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad were killed by police Sunday at a Garland ISD events center.

A senior FBI official confirmed that one of the suspects in the attack has been identified as Elton Simpson, an Arizona man who was previously the subject of a terrorism investigation, ABC News reports.

FBI agents and a bomb squad reportedly converged on Simpson's apartment in Phoenix, where police were conducting an initial search with a robot.
Now, while I'm all for free speech, it's clear the people who organized a contest to draw pictures of Muhammad did so only to provoke Muslims. Well, you succeeded. Congratulations.

Here's the problem: As Muslims acquire more political power, they will object more strenuously to such events, and will eventually be able to demand and pass laws to stop them. At some point, they will question why a society that will not tolerate Holocaust denial allows Muslims to be insulted.

As the DC Empire becomes more of a hodgepodge of cultures, each group will grapple for respect and validation. That will translate into not being able to say anything that could be deemed negative about any group. Don't like the practise of female genital mutilation? Too bad -- that's a tradition of certain cultures you must now respect. Are you horrified at the idea of honor killings? Better be quiet about it. What about incest? Hush -- you might offend a culture that has different ideas about incest than you do.

Freedom, like other practices, has different definitions among different cultures. That's why diversity and freedom are mutually exclusive. If we don't pay attention to these warning signals, it will soon be too late.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Quote of the day

"We need the Justice Department to step in and take over policing in this country. In the 20th century we had to fight States' Rights to get the vote in this country, we have to fight States' Rights to close down these police cases." Al Sharpton

Like I said, "Civil Rights" is just a cover for all-powerful, centralized government to expand and consolidate its power. What other countries consolidated their security forces? Well, there's this one -- and this one. Of course, they DID have excellent security. Maybe Al's got something here.

How both Right and Left are responsible for Baltimore

Blacks in Baltimore aren't the victims of "racism"; they're the victims of government. For example:

The Right

Police can kill with immunity.

No statement so broad can be always true, yet it is true often enough. Wearing the badge offers immunity to the gun-bearer. There are examples of this almost every day, it seems; yet, only a few such incidents draw national attention – and even here, usually only after video evidence in contradiction to the party line is revealed. ...

The Left

Robert Wenzel refers to them as LBJ’s grandkids: those multiple generations who have grown up since the mid-sixties without fathers, without role models, without jobs, without hope, without incentive to improve. Fruits from the loins of LBJ’s Great Society. Income guaranteed for proof of feminine fertility and masculine virility, without the need for responsibility.

May Day is International Workers' Day

Today, the left is demonstrating, as the left has done on this otherwise pretty day for -- well, a long time. Here are two of the left's demands:

End militarization of the border & police departments

Legalization, not deportations

In other words, the left wants millions more poor, exploitable workers in this country who will depress wages and working conditions, while taking jobs from American blacks -- the same thing George Soros and the Koch Brothers want.

President-elect Obama promised that he would work to build consensus between those who've historically fought each other. His hope was that "we'll be able to move together effectively as a team." By golly, I'd say he's done it.

The American Century is Over

Scott McConnell states what the delusional bureaucrats in DC cannot comprehend: The DC Empire is dead:

Someday American politicians will recognize that the world isn’t asking for their leadership. The image of America as benevolent superpower may endure in parts of Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Republics, where some imagine American jets are going to abolish geography and clear out the Russians. But nowhere else.

At the time of this writing, an Orioles-White Sox game in Baltimore has been cancelled because of rioting in the city, while on Saturday 37,000 fans were confined inside the stadium for hours after a game ended because of mayhem outside. The state, which cannot protect crowds of dating couples and parents with children outside of Camden Yards, is not going to make eastern Ukraine safe for neoliberalism.
We're talking about a political entity that refuses to stop a massive invasion of its own territory, yet imagines it controls the entire planet. Any competent psychiatrist would recognize such behavior as lunatic. Craziness rules in DC for now. How much longer? Tick-tock ...