Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Black cop shoots Black suspect. Guess what happens next?

Charlotte, NC, at at College Downs complex on Old Concord Road: Police say a suspect got out of his vehicle with a gun, and the officer shot him. Further, police say they have recovered the gun. However, the suspect's family claims the man was reading a book when the police officer shot and killed him. Rioters took to the streets, setting fires and smashing the windows of passing cars, then looted the local WalMart. Police moved in to restore order, but were attacked, sending nine officers to the hospital.

Okay, so a Black officer shoots and kills a Black suspect who was brandishing a gun the police have positively identified. But what's the takeaway message from this tragic incident? According to the brother of the suspect, "All White people are f-----g devils. All White police are f-----g devils. And White people." He's in this video at 2:10 in.

Such is the current state of race relations in post-racial America. Meanwhile, politicians, the media, and Hollywood stir the pot, constantly pounding in the message that "systemic racism" and "White privilege" are at the root of all Black problems. They're throwing fuel on the fire just like the rioters blocking I-85 in the following video:

Clearly, more chaos is on the way all over the country. No wonder Chicago plans to boost its police force by 970 officers.

On a personal note, this latest clash between the Black Lives Matter militants and police is mighty close to home. I'll be commenting on this further, with my head down and eyes open.


Rocky Wynn said...

To all my white Christian Brothers be vigilant be ready . GOD SAVE THE SOUTH.!!!!!

Stogie said...

Blacks are out of control. They hate other ethnicities, whom they blame for their own criminality, violence and rotten attitudes. Before we allow them to burn down yet another city, we need to step on them hard. Lock and load, Mike.

Mike said...

Most disturbing. But then, I've been mightily disturbed for the past nearly eight years. The final scenes from the movie 'Zulu' depicting the Zulu attack on the British army station at Rorke's Drift showed a more organized army than is this mob of out-of-control spoiled brats. At least the British had the good sense to repel the Zulu's with withering gunfire. My .02

al benson jr. said...

We should all know the drill by now. It' all whitey's fault, everything is whitey's fault. If black kill blacks or if Middle Eastern terrorists kill one another it's all whitey's fault. All the sins of the world are whitey's fault as are all the horrible things people of color do to one another. Lots easier and more culturally Marxist to blame whites for it all. It absolves others from taking responsibility for their own sins and owning up to them if they can just blame whitey for everything. Jesus Christ died to pay for the sins of all kinds of men in all races but you will never get the Black Lives Matter people to accept that because that would mean they were not sinless.

roho said...

Do ya miss "Bull Connor" yet?....................................LOL!

I always said that the Chinese showed great patience at Tinimen Square...........But had to act.

In my past cops shot a lot of fleeing felons. "Halt" three times and then they shot. Today, I'm sick of the focus change to "An unarmed black man" instead of a "Fleeing Felon". I don't care if he is a fleeing felon while petting a puppy. A fleeing felon is a fleeing felon!

Rioting today is nothing more than a form of wealth transfer, with young thugs breaking into stores and stealing what ever they wish. Not that long ago, the black, female, mayor of Baltimore said to the Chief Of Police, "Let them loot. They want take much"..........What?...........It's time to break out the body bags and lawyer up!