Thursday, December 15, 2016

How California can wave goodbye to the US

Paul Moreno teaches constitutional history at Hillsdale College. His ideas on how California could break away from the DC Empire are worth serious consideration. From Fox:

Why couldn’t we cede California back for, say, $415 million (what $15 million in 1848 dollars is worth today)? Maybe that’s what candidate Trump and Mexican President Nieto were talking about last summer. The proceeds would pay for the border wall after all. San Francisco wouldn’t need to be a “sanctuary city” for Mexican illegals, it would be part of Mexico again.

While easier than “unanimous consent,” retrocession would be difficult if it required an old-fashioned treaty and ratification by two-thirds of the Senate. While President Obama would feel free to retrocede by “executive agreement” with his “pen and phone,” President-elect Trump would have proper constitutional scruples.
Dr. Moreno also argues California could reclaim its independence if the other States agree. No objection from me.


James Owen said...

If they could take the sixteen old union states with them, that'd be even better.

roho said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?.............................The Pentagon can lose that much money in a week. we have enjoyed the splendid isolation of two major oceans on both our east and west coasts. An English speaking nation to our north and some third world dregs to our south.

Imagine California seceeds, then becomes a proxy state to China, and all of our agriculture and naval bases in the west becomes Chinese? (They already own "Long Beach Naval Shipyard" in San Diego.)...........It ain't gonna happen.......Imagine the Hawaii fleet having to go through the Panama Canal on their way to Norfolk?.......Without any avacados.

Best idea would be the old "Andrew Jackson" Trail Of Tears for illegals on their way back to Mexico from California, and PROGRESSIVES with them if they don't like it!!

Anonymous said...

Dern tootin'!!!

Alex said...

It's worth noting that the platforms of all three of Mexico's main political parties expressly disavow the cession of territory in the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo which ended the Mexican War. They claim California and all the other states rightfully remain part of Mexico.