Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Window Into a Depraved Culture

Heather Mac Donald, the most courageous and insightful analyst of our age, offers a stunning and eye-opening interpretation of the significance of the Chicago torture story. Mac Donald argues that the official racial narrative in this country is a stew of platitudes and hallucinations. Ta-Nehesi Coates exemplifies and parrots that narrative, which maintains that all the problems in the Black community are the fault of Whites, whose sole aim is to oppress and murder "black bodies." That's Coates's opinion, an opinion shared by all right-thinking commentators. But the facts, which Mac Donald amply provides, tell a different story:

Black Lives Matter ideology is just a more in-your-face manifestation of the Coatesian conceit that blacks are living in a system determined to destroy them. The Chicago Black Lives Matter chapter embraces the motto “Stop killing us,” aimed at the Chicago Police Department. It chants: “CPD, KKK: How many children did you kill today?” (The answer is: Virtually none. Last year, over 3,400 people in Chicago were shot, overwhelmingly black. Victims included 24 children 12 years of age or younger. The Chicago cops shot 25 people, virtually all armed and dangerous, or .6 percent of the total.)
As gruesome as the Chicago torture video is, Mac Donald's interpretation is even more jarring -- and critical, if we are to change the suicidal path American policymakers have so foolishly chosen.


Weaver said...

Related: Those protesting Sessions today are just protesting a stereotype of a white Klansman.

And one of the few examples of violence at a Trump rally was by a black Trump supporter attacking a white protester dressed as... a Klansman.

There are no actual Nazis and Klansmen. It's all imaginary. It's ridiculous.

And we also had a recent call for reparations by some professor.


What's eerie is how the Charleston shooter, and some blacks inspired by him, *want* to start a race war. What a nightmare.


All of this does influence whites and the political machine though. It's not entirely idiocy.

roho said...

Wow............Facts are awesome, but i'm not so sure that they now compete with good quality propaganda?

And, propaganda has been entrenched into the American thought for sooooooo long, that it will be hard to overcome.

I can't help but laugh when some radical person that assumes that they represent the 15 or so percent of some group wants a race war?...........HA-HA...How did that work out for the Dakota Sioux?.................Actually, how did that work out for the ignorant, weak, negroes in west Africa, when the more intelligent and strong African tribes rounded their asses up, sold them into slavery, and bid them farewell? (That's right. A white plantation owner in Mississippi had no idea how to even steer a ship, much less catch a bunch of slaves.)

My guess is that eventually after Europe purges itself of Muslims, and America purges itself of Hispanic invaders, someone of a massive populist origin, will have the support of the people to say, "Let us now remove this other poison that has damaged our society ever since the mid 1800's".....................................And, it will be done.

Weaver said...


Just set aside some money for reparations payments in the future.

And you might want a guest house in case your main house gets confiscated for refugee housing and for undocumented immigrant housing.

And then prepare to apologise for your white privilege that allowed you to build that guest house.