Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DC Responsible for Refugee Crisis

The District of Columbia is Mordor come to life. Like its fictional counterpart, it is the source of much evil in the world. I've been arguing that for a long time (see here and here, for example). Now Germany's deputy chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, in an attempt to defend Angela Merkel, says the real problem is DC's policy of endless war against Muslims in the Middle East:

Responding to Trump’s comments that Merkel had made an “utterly catastrophic mistake by letting all these illegals into the country”, [German deputy chancellor] Gabriel said the increase in the number of people fleeing the Middle East to seek asylum in Europe had partially been a result of US-led wars destabilising the region.

“There is a link between America’s flawed interventionist policy, especially the Iraq war, and the refugee crisis, that’s why my advice would be that we shouldn’t tell each other what we have done right or wrong, but that we look into establishing peace in that region and do everything to make sure people can find a home there again,” Gabriel said.
Think how much better off the world will be when the steam inevitably runs out of the Evil Empire.


D. V. Arminius said...

Of course, oil was and still is the root cause of the US involvement in the Middle East. I hope you all noticed that a few months ago the government quietly lifted the ban on exporting domestic US oil, such is the current glut of it.
I guess inertia is as good a reason as any to keep fighting over there. Yankees...

Weaver said...

Israel and knocking down the few opponents to NWO are the reasons we're in MidEast.

We're in the MidEast to take on Iran, which somewhat stands together with Russia and China. Neither much like Iran, but they're all pariahs of a sort in the NWO.

What's interesting is now China is condemning populism. China really doesn't want America First.

Our masters in DC are fools. They lost in Syria, and they can't manage to conquer China. Their continued efforts towards a global empire would have resulted in a dominant China.

Biden recently was preaching against a multipolar world order. What's great though is now the real divides are being acknowledged. Unipolar vs. Multipolar is an excellent dichotomy for the world to focus on, much better than Capitalism vs. Communism or Islam vs. Reason.