Monday, January 30, 2017

Quote of the day

"You’re probably seeing the best persuasion you will ever see from a new president. Instead of dribbling out one headline at a time, so the vultures and critics can focus their fire, Trump has flooded the playing field. You don’t know where to aim your outrage. He’s creating so many opportunities for disagreement that it’s mentally exhausting. Literally. He’s wearing down the critics, replacing their specific complaints with entire encyclopedias of complaints. And when Trump has created a hundred reasons to complain, do you know what impression will be left with the public?

He sure got a lot done." - Scott Adams

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Weaver said...

Trump needs to make an ideological statement that he wants higher market wages as opposed to welfare.

And he needs to explicitly say he prefers reducing immigration from states we've recently attacked (and continue to attack), as opposed to invade-the-world; invite the world. Terrorists don't get in if not invited.

Those two ideological statements would be wonderful.

Trump also needs to declare that his foreign policy with China will serve Chinese interests when they realise what he really wants. And he should then offer to remove US bases and readjust power such that the US can exit the entire region. If the US left China alone, it likely would become friendlier with its neighbors. There'd be no North Korean threat, for example, were the US not in South Korea.