Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The center cannot hold

The cultural and political divide between left and right has taken on a frightening scope. The left has decided that anyone who disagrees with it is a Nazi who does not deserve to live. This report is as graphic as it is revealing:

Video footage shows an anti-Trump agitator punching and knocking out a Trump supporter during a mini-riot at Portland Airport over the weekend. The clip shows anti-Trump protesters pushing and shoving their way into the airport aggressively as they yell “peace! peace!”

A confrontation then quickly arises before one of the anti-Trump radicals punches a man from behind, knocking him out cold. The footage appears to show two anti-Trump protesters taking a swing at the same victim.

It subsequently emerged that the victim, 39-year-old Grant Chisholm, a member of the Bible Believers group, was hit with “something metallic”.

“They almost killed me tonight,” Chisholm told the Oregonian.

While some of the anti-Trump protesters appear shocked at the violence and denounce it, others are heard quite clearly celebrating the attack.

“That’s how you talk to a Nazi! That’s right!” screams one, before gloating, “Your boy got knocked out!”

And who can forget the cowardly sneak attack on Richard Spencer?

This jarring video has racked up almost two and a half million views. There's no telling how many were repulsed by it, and how many cheered on the faux ninja antifa who ran like a rabbit after sucker-punching Spencer. Yeah, you're a hero, punk.

The evolving shape of political clashes in this country does not remind one of the times leading to the American Civil War, but of the Spanish Civil War, whose fault lines weren't as clear or contiguous. While certain regions of Spain tended to support one side or the other, it was ideology and religion that sparked the Spanish Civil War, making it the bloodiest civil war of the 20th century.

Watching the two videos above, it would appear we're headed toward an internecine disaster.


Weaver said...

Ideological divide: Those who hate whites and Christians, and those who don't.

roho said...

Peaceful protest is granted through our Constitution, but I doubt that our Founding Fathers would see this as peaceful protest?

The people with money were most likely at work that day?............I didn't see George Soros, Madonna, Alex Baldwin, or any rich liberals? I did however, see some very unengaged law enforcement.

There has never been a victorious outcome of conversation over planned violence. As my dear old Grandfather would say, "First the head should be cut off, the snake should be cut into pieces, and then the world wonders where the snake went?"

I find it laughing out load funny that these thugs have ever done an hours reading on the 70-80 year old Nazi party?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Spanish Civil War is an excellent analogy.

Anonymous said...

"The Left summons a demon it will not be able to control."


Snaggle-Tooth Jones

D. V. Arminius said...

Physical partition of this country is clearly becoming inevitable if we are not to experience a bloodbath. I just hope we don't recognize this too late.

D. V. Arminius said...

The center? It is rapidly shrinking. There are too many critical issues that really have no middle ground. So of course it cannot hold. I read a Charles Krauthammer editorial that disparaged nations based on what he called "blood and soil" (what we call kith and kin). Outside of the South they just don't get it.

MAP said...

The globalists are our great enemy. It's their great wealth fueling much of this. In the UK, Brexit was snatched out of the hands of the people and handed to corrupt politicians. Trump's policies are a threat to the NWO, and we are witnessing the response. These are obviously people without honor, integrity, honesty, morality, or sense of shame. These are the people and principles that will lead Orwell's global 1984. Keep your powder dry, and decide between death or dishonor. The fight our ancestors fought has returned, after a massive diet of steroids.

Weaver said...


I wholly agree with you that we're approaching 1984.

I was given the winter copy of TOQ recently. It had a lengthy essay on Sam Francis's thinking. I highly recommend it. It's just good to be aware of his managerial elite ideas as a component of political science.

So, I recommend buying that issue of TOQ if you get a chance.

And I agree these people are evil. However, not everyone's an "elite". Many regular folks embrace a cosmopolitan sensibility but are generally nice people on the whole. Orwell was even a socialist, a Marxist socialist at that. And somehow Orwell retained some virtue. Even a globalist can be a good father, and so forth.

My own father voted for Kasich in the Republican primary. And my father is very much against unnecessary wars. So, people are just fuzzy. I spoke with a supporter of the Sierra Club the other day; he had been a big Trump supporter and general conservative. Incredibly wealthy guy, but he didn't fully get politics either. Lots of people like that. I guess they lack the motivation and time. They're too busy working and raising their families.

Weaver said...

Both the Far Left and the Far Right agree these people are evil:

Why can't we work together to end these stupid wars?



"The CIA, with its long tentacles stretched out into every hotspot on earth, is engaging in open warfare with the President-elect. Is it really impossible to imagine that they would arrange for a nice little crisis to “celebrate” President Trump’s inauguration?

These people are reckless, treasonous, and utterly without conscience. They are, in short, capable of anything. With four days left until Trump becomes the forty-fifth President of the United States, the threat of war has never loomed larger. UN Ambassador Samantha Power, on her Twitter feed, declared: “We are not going gently into the night.” We may be in for an Inauguration Day surprise."