Saturday, February 18, 2017

A day without immigrants

This story from the Washington Post raises a lot of troubling questions:

A government social worker for Durham County, N.C., said that the number of Hispanic residents seeking assistance had dropped off rapidly in recent days amid swirling rumors about an ICE checkpoint at a Durham intersection and ICE agents making arrests in a supermarket parking lot.

“Today, I haven’t gotten one Hispanic client in the entire check-in today,” said the social worker, a longtime government employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. “That never happens … They think that when they come here for assistance, that they’re going to be on some sort of invisible list.”
Illegal aliens are not supposed to qualify for welfare. Now it could be argued the Hispanic "clients" who didn't check in with the government social worker were legal immigrants. But then, why would they be afraid to contact a government agency? And what does this say about Hispanics' real reason for coming here?


roho said...

Step 2:

Tell the Government employee "We will no longer be using your departments services."


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. Between 1991 and 1997 I worked in a state office processing Unemployment Insurance claims. A significant number of claims were filed by mono-lingual Spanish speakers who indicated up front they were not legally in the United States. Because they had no legal right to work, they were ineligible for Unemployment Insurance. But that didn't worry them a bit. They were interested in only one thing; an official document denying eligibility-based benefits that they could take to other government offices for welfare-variety benefits.

It made me sick. I contacted my local state representative about it and was told she would like to help but there was nothing she could do. One day the INS showed up at the office and asked me if they could circulate around the lobby and parking lot. I told them they had every right to do so, just like everyone else. When I told the office manager what was happening she almost fainted and immediately called our cental office. It was a good day; I understand the INS collared at least one illegal in the parking lot.

Alex said...

I'd like to request a decade without immigrants, please.