Sunday, February 19, 2017

And the culprit behind Flint's tainted water is ...

Okay, you have a majority-black town with a black mayor that sinks into a serious financial crisis. A black man is appointed "Emergency Manager," and he decides to switch the city's main water supply to the Flint River. Yeah, it's polluted, but look at the money we'll save!

But folks got mad when their tap water started poisoning them. So who's to blame? This is a job for the Michigan Civil Rights Commission! You'll never guess where they're pointing their collective finger o' guilt. From CNN:

A government-appointed civil rights commission in Michigan says systemic racism helped to cause the Flint water crisis, according to a report released Friday.

The 129-page report does not claim there were any specific violations of state civil rights laws, but says "historical, structural and systemic racism combined with implicit bias" played a role in the problems, which still linger in the city's drinking water almost three years later.

"The presence of racial bias in the Flint water crisis isn't much of a surprise to those of us who live here, but the Michigan Civil Rights Commission's affirmation that the emergency manager law disproportionately hurts communities of color is an important reminder of just how bad the policy is," state Sen. Jim Ananich, a Democrat from Flint, said.
I don't know the folks on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, but if they're anything like the ones here in North Carolina, they can sniff out racism ANYWHERE, whether it's there or not. Check out the language they use in their official report: there's no "racist" act or individual named, but no matter: The problem's gotta be "systemic racism."

This reminds me of the Charlotte Riots from this past September, when a black cop shot a black thug in a city with a black chief of police in a town with a far-left Democratic mayor. Yet "systemic racism" was the battle cry for the rioters and demonstrators. What more can we do? What reforms are possible if the politics in Charlotte and Flint aren't good enough?

I don't know. I really don't know.


Weaver said...

That's pretty outrageous.

Their reply presumably is that evidence is suspect. It's all conspiracy by the Klan, which is somehow behind everything, like some super villain in a comic book.

I wish blacks could wake up to see how this society has sought to replace them with Latino workers, how their jobs have been sent to Asia... They should be angry about that.

roho said...

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!.....................Only CNN could report something so stupid.

James Owen said...

I'm still waiting for White,Yankee SJWs to blame it on Dixie. Like they usually do.