Wednesday, February 1, 2017

California To Consider Enacting Statewide Sanctuary

Local nullification of federal immigration laws are already the policy in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. So it's no surprise that the state of California is considering making that policy the de jure statewide standard. What is surprising is how quickly talk of California seceding from DC has swelled in the last few months. From CBS News:

California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as legislative Democrats ramp up their efforts to battle President Donald Trump’s migration policies.

The legislation is scheduled for its first public hearing Tuesday as the Senate rushes to enact measures that Democratic lawmakers say would protect immigrants from the crackdown that the Republican president has promised.
What happens next is anyone's guess. One scenario is that DC retaliates. Trump has already threatened to withhold federal funds from cities that openly flout national immigration law, so he could do the same to the entire state of California. California isn't exactly helpless. It could withhold taxes, and since it's a tax payer rather than a tax taker, such a move would carry real weight.

Things are really shaking these days. Let's keep our eyes open and our powder dry.


Weaver said...

If they secede, hopefully there won't be many "dual-citizens". Pick a side, and stay there, please. :)

Trump's balancing on a razor, not that he has any choice if he's going to help regular Americans. I hope he doesn't make a mistake, fall off the razor-thin balance.

roho said...

People should revisit the old black and white film of George C. Wallace standing in the door of the University Of Alabama, claiming that he would never adhere to the Federal Mandate of intergration..........................Standing with him was the officer in charge of the Alabama National Gaurd with troops. The scene played out with the Pentagon officer handing an order to the head of the Alabama National Gaurd informing him that he and all of his troops had been federalized and were under the authority of the United States Military. At once he took two steps forward, turned to face the Governor in a show of transfering his alligience.

That was plan A.....................Plan B was a large airborne operation in Ft. Hood Texas staged to invade Alabama, first securing all TV and Radio stations. (We were that close.)

Governor Moonbeam and some other polititions may end up in prison, a bunch of non citizens deported, but California is going nowhere.

Just like the Falklands are still part of the British Empire.

MAP said...

Commiefornia is 443 billions in the hole. The eastern liberal invasion and takeover has nearly destroyed it. Let's see how long they last on their own. This is as stupid as everything else that comes out of the eastern liberal establishment and the DNC.