Monday, February 27, 2017

Charlotte man pleads guilty to beating bystander

Be care who and what you support:

Antonio Gatewood pleaded guilty last week to felony conspiracy to commit assault inflicting serious bodily injury, stemming from the Sept. 21 attack by 10 men on a man in the Epicentre garage at 210 E. Trade St. The incident took place during two nights of protests and violence that followed the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott the day before.

Video from a bystander, which drew a worldwide audience, showed the victim being chased, punched, stomped and stripped of his pants by his attackers. The victim was a financial services worker who lived uptown and had come down to the area around Trade and Tryon to show his support for protesters.

Gatewood, 23, was arrested on array of charges, from assault and robbery to false imprisonment and ethnic intimidation, a misdemeanor. The victim was white and his attackers were black.
Here's the video (starts at :36 in):


rex osborne said...

So, the victim had gone "down to the area around Trade and Tryon to show his support for protesters." Is there any word on whether or not the poor dumb essobee is still a liberal?

Old Rebel said...


Ha! No word from the media on this, but a healthy dose of reality often forces one to re-think old assumptions.

James Owen said...

Especially about blacks.

D. V. Arminius said...

Maybe he got, as that old song went, an "attitude adjustment right away"!

roho said...

There are millions of poor brainwashed bastards like him in America.

As there were "Loyalist" whom believed that King George was the bomb?