Saturday, February 18, 2017

Comment of the day

A reader responds to A day without immigrants:

This is nothing new. Between 1991 and 1997 I worked in a state office processing Unemployment Insurance claims. A significant number of claims were filed by mono-lingual Spanish speakers who indicated up front they were not legally in the United States. Because they had no legal right to work, they were ineligible for Unemployment Insurance. But that didn't worry them a bit. They were interested in only one thing; an official document denying eligibility-based benefits that they could take to other government offices for welfare-variety benefits.

It made me sick. I contacted my local state representative about it and was told she would like to help but there was nothing she could do. One day the INS showed up at the office and asked me if they could circulate around the lobby and parking lot. I told them they had every right to do so, just like everyone else. When I told the office manager what was happening she almost fainted and immediately called our central office. It was a good day; I understand the INS collared at least one illegal in the parking lot.


roho said...

A day without immigrants never exists.

They are stupid......................They could have garnered more sympathy had it not been for their in your face bravado claiming that we gringos have their land. Dad said that in the fifties the U.S. Government would close the border in San Diego and Tiujana would comply pretty quick.

Weaver said...

So, Ron Paul was right: Welfare benefits are a main part of the problem.

I'd thought it was mostly employers to blame. I guess I was wrong.

To my defence, I didn't believe such abuse of our welfare system was possible.

roho said...

Weaver....................As a white citizen, it is your job to work 6-7 days a week, not be involved with where your tax dollars are going, get your yard cut, and get back to work Monday.

This marxist agenda worked great for decades. And then one day the white man's jobs went overseas and he had too much time on his hands. Rather than get well organized sound bites from the MSM and Fake News, he started reading again, both the internet and other articles.

He had no idea that pedophilia is the elites grandest status symbol.

Weaver said...


The Internet has changed everything. When I first met you online, you told me you had previously been a Neocon.

It's said people spend very long hours online now though. So, a great deal of time is wasted.

Btw, one reason you understand politics better than some others is you're cynical. Too many just blindly believe authorities to be good.

roho said...

How funny......It is true that I was once a Neocon Christian.

Raised in the bible belt with ignorant preachers on both sides of my family, I assumed that they had done their theological research?.........LOL!.......There are badly informed ministers just like there are badly informed professors and electricians. (Or any other occupation.)