Monday, February 20, 2017

DNC leaders unhappy with aggressive tactics to elect Ellison as chairman

The key question now for Democrats is: What's the best way to completely and finally drive out the remaining white voters from our party? Decisions, decisions! But the DNC has some of the finest political minds in the known universe, so they've made incredible headway in achieving their goal, as this Washington Times story shows:

Democratic Party activists who tried unsuccessfully to sink Hillary Clinton’s nomination at last year’s convention are at it again, pestering national party members ahead of next week’s vote on a new chairman.

Party leaders are eager to incorporate the energy of progressives who buoyed Sen. Bernard Sanders’ presidential campaign last year — but less enthusiastic about the activists’ rough edges that continue to irk many Democratic National Committee members.

They say the phone calls to lobby for Rep. Keith Ellison, the choice of progressives, over Tom Perez, viewed as the establishment choice, are out of control.

“It was over the top, and I contacted Keith, and Keith tried to stop it, to his credit. It took a while,” said Marcel L. Groen, chairman of the Pennsylvania Democrats. “I want their enthusiasm and energy, but I do want it harnessed. I am not interested in anarchy.”
"Rough edged" partisanship, "out of control" progressives, "over the top" lobbying, and, my favorite, "anarchy." Yep, that's the recipe for the secret sauce that'll keep the Democrats on the fringes. Keep up the good work!


Weaver said...

They really are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Amazing.

roho said...

Fake News as usual.

After what happened with Debbie Wasserman and Donna Brazil, I would be embarassed to even be a card carrying Democrat.

roho said...

These ignorant little Snowflakes are sooooooooooo naive............They are so obsessed with their emotions and wants that they have lost all contact with their critical thinking skills. Any Baby Boomer that was told that college would be free, the nation would fill up with about 50% illegal Latinos, jobs will be plentiful, and reperations would be paid to everyone but whites, and everyone get's a "Habitat For Humanity" home, would at least say "HOW?"

These idiots are as gullable as Jim Jones followers following him to the promised land.