Sunday, February 12, 2017

Islamic Slavery Was Good Slavery

The leftist coalition has no coherent set of beliefs, no guiding principles, other than "We hate Western civilization." Infighting is inevitable. So when the Anti-Defamation League condemns prospective DNC chair Keith Ellison for his remarks about Israel, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

Want yet another example of how indigestible the coalition of anti-Western Civ multicults really is? Here's a doozy: Mohammed had slaves. For centuries, Muslims ran a brisk business enslaving and selling native Africans. So if the founder of Islam held slaves, the condemnation of all slave holders is nothing more than "Islamophobia."

It's going to be a real hoot watching leftists try to square the circle they've trapped themselves into. Ya gotta love it!


Weaver said...

Professor defends Muslim slavery, rape. Arabs only recently ended slavery, and their word for, "black", means "slave".

Weaver said...

Oh, you link to an article on the professor. Bleh, I wouldn't link to a Dreher article. Dreher is essentially an anti-Wester himself.

Dreher is just the AmConMag head of the hydra. Worse than a Neocon.