Thursday, February 2, 2017

Large heroin bust in Rowan Co. tied to Mexican drug cartel

Now brace yourselves, gentle readers, because I'm about to make an heretical statement: Open borders aren't always a good thing. Case in point: a "massive" heroin ring tying together Rowan County and Mexico:

Rowan County Sheriff's office says a massive heroin bust has ties to a Mexican trafficking ring based in the Charlotte-Matthews area.

After a three-year-long federal, state and local heroin trafficking investigation, the Rowan County Sheriff's office arrested Mecklenburg County residents Tuesday.

Information led investigators to the discovery that a Mexican National heroin trafficking ring had been supplying heroin to Rowan County for over 10 years, some transactions involving quantities of up to $10,000 worth of drugs at a time.
Gee, after 10 years, these folks have deep ties in their communities. Shouldn't we consider letting them stay? After all, they are contributing to the local economy.

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roho said...

"Al Capone" just wanted a better life for his family?

Let us put this "Border Control" insanity to bed.........Mexico has walls to protect the Mexicans from the uninvited immigration of Honduras, Guatamala, El Salvadore, and even Belize.

Ever heard of the "Pearly Gates Of St. Peter"?............You can't have a gate without a wall. Heaven does not allow everyone in, and some are actually turned away.........Duh?......Everybody want's in but it doesn't work that way.......So I guess GOD is now a racist?..Use your brain people!......SATAN is a legalist.