Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities

Here's some more good news: Despite the constant pounding from the media, Hollyweird, and our moral and intellectual superiors in government, Americans are not welcoming demographic revolution. From The Hill:

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to federal authorities.

The poll shows that President Trump has broad public support in his effort to crack down on sanctuary cities.

A survey from Harvard–Harris Poll provided exclusively to The Hill found that 80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with.
That news should put some "sore" in George Soros.


roho said...

Not only do I agree that city governments do not have the right to disobey federal law, but have to question why a sitting Governor (George C. Wallace) was not allowed to succesfully challenge federal law, but today's mayors think that they can?

As for myself, step 1 should be an infrastructure project to build a large prison on the border that houses only "Foreign Nationals" that have entered our country illegally. (Most likely it can be built for less than the cost of the F-35 pilot's helmet?

Let's consider Bob's problem?..........Bob, a U.S. citizen served in Iraq before aquiring a drug problem after being discharged. His Dad was killed in Vietnam. His Grandfather lost a leg in the Korean Campaign. His Dad's brother died in the Normandy Invasion in WWII. His Great Grandfather lived through and fought in WWI. If you follow his family tree back far enough, you actually find that some of his ancestors faught in the Mexican American War..............................So, why in the hell is he trying to stay alive in a prison now filled with illegal latino gang bangers?....................American citizens should not be serving time with these FOREIGNERS!

A prison on the border would provide plenty of foreign labor to provide the labor for a BORDER PRISON........Are they protected by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION?..........Hell No!.......They ain't U.S. Citizens!......After working on the wall for five years they will never come back illegally..........NEVER!.............As an American, how do you think that you are treated in a Foreign Jail?........How do you think the Mexicans treat the El Salvadorians, Guatamalans, Hondurans, etc, etc, when placed in their penal system?

Now ask yourself..........How much taxes has Bob's ancestors and himself paid since the first one arrived?

Weaver said...


Trump wants to have Mexico house the foreign nationals who have crossed from Mexico into the US.

So, less need for a prison here. They'll all be in Mexico :D

I doubt Trump will be able to stick to that goal, but I liked hearing it. No one wants these dang illegals, lol.

And if we gave up bombing everyone, we could send aid to some of these countries to try to help them, if it's wanted to help people. Letting people in doesn't shift the overpopulation which continues from certain polities, because we don't even allow in enough to make that difference. If we did, we'd be overwhelmed.

roho said...

Free Labor........It's already being done with private prisons building office furniture and paying inmates 17 cents an hour.

And they are U.S. Citizens.