Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quote of the day

“The whole reason we’re here is for free speech. Milo’s hate speech is not allowed here. When it’s hate speech, our free speech is to shut him down.” - UC Berkeley sophomore Jonathan Gow, defending the rioters who shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’ talk at Berkeley.



Southron said...

Leftists call free speech they hate "hate speech" because they hate freedom.

Weaver said...

The only speech allowed is what form globalism is to take.

All who resist globalism are speakers of "hate".

I'd like to see a vote on who supports Sharia law in the US. That might frighten some of these secular fools. They believe all who are educated will come to agree with their thinking, which is "rational", "logical" so forth. Discussion then is simply to debate the details of globalism (and likely social democracy), which all rational individuals support.

Hugh ik. Arnold said...

So, would they have kept Susan Sontag from speaking due to her declaration that "The white race is the cancer of humanity"??

Old Rebel said...

Hugh Arnold,

No, that wasn't hate speech, because it promotes the leftist agenda. Killing all whites would be a great leap forward.

roho said...

Leftist are sooooooooo easy to manipulte?...........First you find an event where a conservative is to speak......Secondly you have George Soros buy about $50,000 dollars worth of "Katy Perry" concert tickets. Third, you find some stupid melineals and tell them that "There will be lots of girls there!" Fourth, you tell the idiots that "Facist" will be attending and should be interupted!.......................And then the community organizers get out of the way and watch the idiots go to jail.

The idiots will never figure out that the Katy Perry tickets have no value if you are in jail?

roho said...

I'm amazed that after 4 years of High School and two years of College they are sooooooo smart?

I'm amazed!............Are they Einstein?..........So brilliant at the age of 22?........From all walks of life and soooooooooooooooooo smart?

Reminds me of the dumb ass Chinese students that apposed the Chi Com regime at Tineman Square?

LOL!...........Let them meet their fate.

Weaver said...


well said. They just repeat what their teachers tell them.

I grew up in rebellion to my teachers. So, I learned to not blindly trust them.

Some of the literature books I read encouraged questioning of teachers. I want to say Chronicles of Narnia did just that, in several small passages.

roho said...

Weaver.......................I'm on a new kick........Study the opposition.

My job puts me in a car for long periods of the day. It is my natural inclination to listen to conservative talk radio, which I still do. But, I'm starting to listen more to NPR (National Public Radio) which is as unabashed liberal as it gets. They actually do interviews with community organizers, radical activists, and many other liberal idealogs that go into great detail about "FATWA" and other forms of leftist marxism, counter culture activities.

It's pretty darn interesting for one that wishes to know thy enemy.

Weaver said...


I also listen to NPR, as does Old Rebel.

It can be pretty good. They mix in some quasi-conservatives, of a sort. Some of the quasi-conservatives are quasi-reconstruction, mind.

I just change to an mp3 player when things get bad. And I keep intending to call in when Trump is discussed. I just can't ever pull over to make the call in time. I was wanting to call in since the primaries. NPR was uber-anti-Trump the entire time.

I met an old man yesterday with a MidWest accent. Made me think of "A Prairie Home Companion", which can be pretty good, albeit politically liberal.

I wish there were better words to use. I just don't feel like making a mess out of a comment post. Culturally to some degree some of the programs are fairly conservative, or at least informative, even if they're Democrat.

I suspect NPR has become more liberal in the last few years. In a sense maybe it's good to "study" it as you say. I rather enjoy it, certainly better than "conservative" radio which is just stupid Republican/Neocon propaganda.