Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quote of the day

“We are raising a generation of people who are historically illiterate. We can’t function in a society if we don’t know who we are and where we came from.” - Pulitzer Prize winning historian David McCullough


roho said...

It is true that young people show no interest in true history.

However, they are very fast to accept a lie as history if it matches their emotional mindset.

Weaver said...

Yes, roho, they embrace whatever ideology or "truth" serves their interests or otherwise pleases them.

And frequently many students seem to believe authorities such as professors are unquestionable. What the professor says is truth, and those who disagree simply learned the material badly, is the thinking.

You see this in Europe too.

Also, wealthy people tend to accept authorities, because their life is pleasant, so why question things? "Thinking positively" works well for them, so why not do it if helps them succeed in life?

It's a trend that should be acknowledged. I've come to doubt democracy, because there are so many who are so easily tricked. Many people, perhaps most, don't want to rule themselves. They just want the pride to say they're in charge.

Weaver said...

I would add to this that our grandparents and parents also don't know history.

This is not a new trend. The generational shift just upsets the earlier generations, but we're all sheep together.

In Orwell's world, accepted truth changes with time.

Weaver said...

A truly free society wouldn't lie to its children, wouldn't lie to its own people.

I wonder if such a utopia is possible. Probably not.

Weaver said...

How many are aware that FDR knew of Pearl Harbour before the attack?

How many know some of the Lincoln facts that have been posted here over the years?

And in the UK, they're not taught full criticisms of the empire.

Rocky Wynn said...

Weaver,it's up to us as southerners to teach our children and if we don't know the truth we better get educated.its coming soon and I for one want my kids on the right side. GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!!!!

roho said...

Truth is like love, always in the eye of the beholder.

The marxist in our culture have drawn people to grey.

Nothing is black and white anymore..........All truths are grey and standards no longer exist.

Weaver said...


indeed, it's up to us to raise our children as best we can!

And I'm certainly no expert on history. My knowledge is spotty.

One advantage this generation will have is the Internet which allows exposure to all sorts of information, true and false. In theory, that wide, uncontrolled exposure is better than the mass media one-direction communication it replaces.

Weaver said...


we do need truth and standards to be sure.

I just would like ideally for the bedrock history we establish for our children to be our best attempt at truth.

I acknowledge there are limits to ideals. It might be that some small noble lie is necessary. But I very much would like complete truth. That's the sort of society I'd like to live in.

Weaver said...


an argument against complete historical truth is how it might not make one stronger.

So, just as a father pops a child for wanting to touch an electric socket, a teacher might in some instance need to lie to his students. For example: Pearl Harbour. I can't think of a better analogy, but the idea is that truth there would make society weaker.

I personally though would rather we taught what we really know to be true about history.


However, I wouldn't want a child to learn the theory of evolution until an adult. I believe that theory undermines one's religiosity, and it's essential that a child believe in God and in man having an immortal soul. That's not to say faith is impossible if taught together with evolution, but I believe it is made more difficult. But I would teach evolution when they're older.