Friday, February 3, 2017

The key to racial equality: more subsidies to business!

Think I'm joking? Consider this panel discussion on "racial inequality" from Wednesday. From the Charlotte Observer:

The panel discussion Wednesday night at Covenant Presbyterian Church was part of a series of talks organized by the church in response to September’s shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. In that case, Scott, who was black, was killed by a black Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, an incident that sparked days of protests in the city.

The church described Wednesday’s talk as designed to share ideas for increasing affordable housing as a means to address “racial inequality” in Charlotte. Panelists said local and state government could take steps to make it easier for developers to build affordable housing, like faster approval processes and more tax breaks to help cover costs.

“Mayor ... time of is of the essence,” McColl said, addressing Mayor Jennifer Roberts, who was in the audience. “You have the ability to talk to your people about, ‘Hey, how about speeding up these approvals?’”
Just as Mr. Lincoln's War was all prettied up by spinning naked aggression as a noble war of liberation, today, big business sells its schemes for grabbing public funds by marketing them as projects that will benefit the oppressed. And if we make a few billion along the way, well ... that's business!


roho said...

"Affordable Housing as a way to address racial what?"

I know white guys that lived under bridges until they had enough money to move into a house!

I personally lived in a camper for four years in the nineties!

I'm sick of America thinking that African/Americans should not experience hard times!

And I'm sick of paying for their ignorant children!

They can either dig their way out or bury their dead!

Weaver said...

Trade, immigration, war spending, fiat currency: These are some sources of inequality.

If we fix those problems, then we could look at whether aid should go to the poor.

And government should stay out of student loans entirely. If such means no more loans, then good.

There are very simple solutions to major problems we face. With politics though, problems are desired by some. With the right problem, one can sell his "solution".

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I grow more weary of, the endless self-righteous condemnation on race by these modern-day children of Lincoln, Abolitionists, the Radical Republicans, and the Corporatocracy they represent, or their equally endless march through our homeland and culture, looting and pillaging as they go (with the help of Scalawag/New South boosters). Both elements are represented here in this latest post of yours, OR.

"The war is over, Southerner, get over it!"


When will it end?

David Smith

Weaver said...

David Smith,

It's like with the trade deals, there's a trade war going on, America has just chosen not to fight it, or rather to fight on the side that is against the American citizenry.

Trump shocked me today with a very apt tweet on trade earlier:

And notice how many likes he got too! Trump should tweet more unwanted truths like that, on other topics.

roho said...

Home builders have no interest in building cheap houses to try and sale. The average home being built now days is about $125,000 plus. My friend delivers lumber to job sites where most of the homes will be $300,000 up. There is already a program for inexpensive housing. It is called MANUFACTURED HOUSING, once called MOBILE HOMES, once called TRAILERS.

Tail lights down the road!.........................As we once said.

Countrywide Mortgage and the preasure to finance people that did not deserve a home is part of what caused the collapse of the housing bubble when President Clinton forced the intitlement issue.

Weaver said...


we have crazy mortgages still. When a "downturn" begins, mortgage payments will be missed. It's bc of QE and near-Zero Interest Rate Policy.

No one owns their houses anymore. No one even saves money. Rent looks high to me.

Unless we have high inflation, which is very possible, I think housing prices are going to collapse. No one can afford them. Of course, that's been said for years, yet asset prices continue to expand.

In theory, the way to get ahead is supposed to be to live below one's means. And yet, everyone lives above his means. Can't end well.