Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"The Old Colossus"

via Steve Sailer:


roho said...

Amen..........I would expect no different outcome.

Weaver said...

Sailer is really wonderful.

roho said...

Watch "Marine La Pen" in France............She is truely the voice of France.

Her concepts of "DUEL CITIZENSHIP" are spot on!...................No more Israeli and French citizenship?............One must decide.

Weaver said...


she's rather pro-Israel. And if you'll notice with the Trump admin, some of the important right-wing leaders now are Jewish.

Old Soros and his hypocrisy are no longer the norm for Jews.

However, a lot of Jews still seem terrified by Nazis under the bed, as if whites could at any moment spontaneously transform into Nazis.

Jews, like whites, like every ethnicity: Most of them are stupid. And the stupid Jews, as with the stupid whites, etc., believe that Jews have been inexplicably persecuted.

Groups like the SPLC manipulate wealthy Jews out of their money, as a sort of protection fee.

But these same terrified Jews aren't actually bad people. I can say such exist, because I know a lot of Jews like that. They're just raised to be terrified that at any moment, Nazis could rise up again. Otherwise, they're nice people...

But they readily believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories about Nazis, just as blacks believe in the Klan.

So, the best way to view them is as just another crazy minority that believes white people are out to get them.

roho said...

I agree with Marine La Pen, as she recognizes that one can only have one loyalty. For the informed, Syanims are a reality in the activities of the mossad.

As with the "St. Patricks Brigade" of the Mexican American War, any religious zealot can forget their nationalism.

The "Dancing Israelis" on the bridge watching the destruction of the twin towers on 911 is enough for me. (Trump never mentions that aspect?