Thursday, March 2, 2017

7 MS-13 gang members indicted in killings of three NY teens

Fourth Generation Warfare, or 4GW, isn't just for Third-World nations anymore. Thanks to our suicidal open borders policies, stateless, ongoing, and low-intensity war between ethnic, religious, and racial groups has arrived on our shores, and in our heartland. From Fox News:

On Sept. 13, the day before her 16th birthday, Mickens' brutally beaten body was found on a tree-lined street in Brentwood. A day later, the beaten body of her lifelong friend, Cuevas, was discovered in the wooded backyard of a nearby home. The teenagers had been inseparable and shared an interest in basketball.

Their deaths were the result of a gang-related dispute at Brentwood High School. Officials believe their deaths were crimes of opportunity related to the ongoing gang disputes at the high school.

The body of a third student, 18-year-old Jose Pena-Hernandez, was found on the grounds of the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Brentwood in October. Two of the suspects have been linked to his death.

Police also discovered the skeletal remains of 19-year-old Oscar Acosta and 15-year-old Miguel Garcia-Moran in a remote industrial area of the town. Acosta had been missing since May, and Garcia-Moran vanished in February.
For those who've convinced themselves the only problem is a lack of anti-gang programs in the schools, consider this from a law enforcement officer:

"MS-13 functions like all immigrant organized crime group, they start by targeting their own community," Lou Gentile, a former officer at the Organized Crime Unit of the Pennsylvania State Police and founder of the investigative firm CSI, told Fox News Latino. "You're seeing a growing Hispanic population in the Carolinas and MS-13 preys on their own, they exploit their own."

Gentile added that many police forces in these smaller communities throughout the Carolinas don't have capabilities or staff to deal with the incursion of gangs like MS-13.

"They don't know what is coming in," he said. "Police have to rely on the other departments that have wider resources like sheriff's departments or state attorney generals' offices."
Uncontrolled borders make it impossible to regulate who enters. And humans, being human, are going to stick to their own tribe. Anyone outside the tribe is either an enemy or a target.


MAP said...

Diversity is, I mean, our strength.

roho said...

Fact:..............Not one piece of our constitution applies to Foreign Nationals.

Did you get that?

In other words, if you are a Hispanic from a different country, you do not qualify for our tax payers to support you in our Prison System. We did not build them for you. We do not pay for food, bedding, showers, etc, for you. In actuallty, there is nothing about our Bill Of Rights that includes you?.........................We do not spend vast dollars in the court system prosecuting you and then execute you 20 years later after caring for you while you intimidate our own U.S. Citizen inmates in "OUR" penal system. You are NOT an Immigrant......You are an invader. You should have been:

1. Shot at the border.

2. At least executed when caught after avoiding the border gaurds.

3. Deported "ONCE" and told that if you ever come back you will be executed.

4. As for "Dreamers" (Children that have followed their parents directive to enter the country unsupervised.).......................Your parents may be looking for you in Veracruze, as this is where we deport all children.

5. If push comes to shove, we will invade Mexico, destroy their Political and Military leaders, execute all of their Drug Lords, place a Puppet Regime in power (Like Iran 1969), and determine Mexico's future from Washington. All Central American Nations that object will see the same results all of the way to Brazil.

Europe can deal with the Middle East as we get our OWN HEMISPHERE in order.