Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Tale of Two Bell Curves

There was never a real debate about race and IQ. Most egalitarians simply resorted to cutting off any debate before it got started. The noisy, petulant response to Charles Murray at Middlebury College would've been laughable had it not been so totalitarian in its aim. So much for reasoned discourse on today's college campuses.

But leftists can clamp their hands over their ears and sing "la-la-la" all they want; reality isn't going away. This article from Quillette summarizes what Murray and his co-author Herrnstein argued in The Bell Curve. As the authors point out, these theses are now mainstream:

Claim 1: There is a g factor of cognitive ability on which individuals differ.

Claim 2: Intelligence is heritable.

Claim 3: Intelligence predicts important real world outcomes.

Claim 4a: There are race differences in intelligence, with East Asians scoring roughly 103 on IQ tests, Whites scoring 100, and Blacks scoring 85.
Why is this important? Because they all fly in the face of the ruling ideology, which claims the right to use force at home and abroad to uphold equality and democracy. There's a lot of political and economic power riding on the preservation of that ruling ideology.

Also, recognizing racial averages in IQ are NOT about oppressing anybody; they're all about learning to work with what we've got. As a society, we've squandered millions on domestic policies based on the assumption of basic equality, and we have nothing to show for it, other than a lot of disappointment and resentment. Since everyone is equal, persistent disparities MUST be based on a racist conspiracy, right?

Should we continue to pour more millions into the bottomless pit of equality? Seems to me, if we're going to implement genuine educational reforms, those reforms MUST arise from fact, not fantasy.


Anonymous said...

Accepting the research and data that tie intelligence (and behavioral trends) to genetics will be the end of a multi-billion dollar gravy train. Since the 1970s I've heard state and Federal education experts telling us more money was needed to bridge the education gap. More remedial programs, more race-based scholarships, more bending the rules for 'special' students, and more burying the facts that nothing is going to make scholars out of kids who consider education a poison. The only change that improves test scores and graduation rates is lowering standards.

If you want to get depressed and informed at the same time, feel free to review trends in university enrollment. The link here ( will identify demographic shifts in higher education. White males are fast becoming a rare species on college campuses, and it isn't because they have a declining IQ. Spend time around a university, especially a liberal one, and you will see large amounts of money spent sending educators to seminars and events for recruiting 'minority and underserved' students. You will read official emails promoting 'students of color', females, non-christians, and non-heterosexuals. The only time white men are mentioned is when something is considered wrong with society.

This is pretty depressing but the first step to correcting the trend is recognizing the truth. The truth is we are not all the same. Promoting one group over another fails everybody while filling the pockets of so-called educators.

roho said...

The "Participation Trophy" is King.

Meritocracy only exists today in Pro Sports.

There was a time when "EVERYONE" was required to take an employment test before hiring.

We are now a society of idiots and without the H1 Visa program, we would collapse.

Robots and AI will replace us all.

Less mouths of useless eaters to feed.

Weaver said...

Singapore knows racial differences exist :)

And that's partly why Singapore has been so successful.

Weaver said...

Re: Anonymous:

I don't know that we'll have a final end to that particular gravy train.

Part of politics is promising impossible things, creating myths. Democracy is little more than mob rule. The mob is an unthinking herd. It doesn't reason.

We'll just continue to transition from one incompetent path to another.

America's future is like that of a drug addicted drop out who steals from his kin. You know that everything he does will be shockingly depraved and stupid. That's just who we are :)

roho said...

Manipulation is a hard thing to recognize, and an even harder thing to admit.