Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Chinese riot, burn cars in Paris

Looks like there are nasty, unexpected side effects to letting people from all over the world colonize a city. Paris is no exception - heck, it's quickly becoming the world's object lesson in multiculturalism:

French police said on Tuesday they opened an inquiry after a Chinese man was shot dead by police at his Paris home, triggering rioting in the French capital by members of the Chinese community and a sharp reaction from Beijing.

The shooting on Sunday, which led China's foreign ministry to call in a French diplomat, brought about a 100 members of the French-Chinese community on to the streets in Paris's main Chinatown district on Monday night.

Some protesters threw projectiles outside the district's police headquarters and a number of vehicles were torched in a confrontation with riot police.

Media reports said a 56-year-old man of Chinese origin was shot dead at his home on Sunday night in front of his family after police were called to investigate an altercation with a neighbor.
Is there a single place in the Western world where diversity is a strength, and not a festering problem? I don't know of one.


Zack said...

I suppose the Chinese there decided Muslim mobs shouldn't have a monopoly on riots, etc. Vive la Zoo.

roho said...

The French love a good riot from time to time, even if it's only a young couple fighting on a blanket over a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine.

Weaver said...

Make France Gaulish again!