Friday, March 31, 2017

From altar boy to ISIS fighter

Here's an insightful and deeply frightening interview with a young Belgian man who converted to Islam. What's fascinating is how Michael Delefortrie's life story illustrates much of what's gone wrong with Western nations that are hell-bent on jettisoning their historic cultures and replacing them with a dismally uniform multiculturalism. As Delefortrie makes clear, the rot that's eating the West emanates from the decay of the family unit. What's left is a generation without a past, and therefore, with nothing to belong to, that is, to identify them.

The libertarians may howl, but nature abhors a vacuum. Islam offers hard, certain answers to the questions all young people seek, and it's obvious Delefortrie has taken those answers to heart. From CNN:

He doesn’t shake hands with me, as a woman, but he is polite, makes eye contact, apologizes for being late, cracks jokes and even flirts a little with my young producer.

And while he dismisses his own nationality — “I’m not Belgian. I am Muslim” — and wants to see Western democracy replaced by the strictest form of Sharia law, the returned ISIS fighter is more than happy to accept welfare checks from the Belgian government.

“We were raised like normal Catholic people, with their holidays,” he remembers. “On Sunday, we thank God, and that’s the way it is.”

But after a rocky childhood that he says was marred by his mother’s alcoholism, his parents’ divorce and his own ADHD diagnosis, he began smoking weed, experimenting with harder drugs, and doing badly in school.

“You’re searching for your identity, like everybody else in the world,” he says as he remembers his troubled teenage years.

At about 16, he came across a book that he says changed his life. It was called “The Way of the Muslim.”

He says Islam offered him the promise of purpose and structure, providing strict rules and moral clarity in a world where the prevailing liberalism favored shades of gray over black and white.
"Liberated" individuals, who are unconnected to others and free to choose any identity, are in fact rootless and half-alive. Nature abhors cultural vacuums as well, and the alien, anti-human beliefs of Islam are ready to replace the mush of "tolerance" and liberalism the ruling elite and its intellectual flacks have pushed onto the general population. We'd better wake up to what's happening all around us.


Weaver said...

People are waking up somewhat now.

Sadly you'll never get much credit for having been ahead of the curve. :)

I post everywhere lately explaining how slavery worked in the South, what I know of slavery anyway. And I compare that to what's being done to us today. This is all a "return to slavery".


And regarding Islam, Chronicles magazine once explicitly stated Islam is the primary threat to Europe, not secular ideologies. I still believe it's wrong, but I've kept that in mind.

roho said...

Michael Delofortrie is an example of an old world fact.

"Never get advice from someone more fu%@&d up than yourself."

Hugh K. Arnold said...

The more powerful Islam becomes in Europe, politically and demographically, the more white Europeans who are going to convert, and they usually convert to the more extreme and fundamentalist versions of the religion.

roho said...

NATO will end.

Turkey will start a new form of NATO.

Russia, the USA and China will destroy Europe and there will be no unconditional surrender.