Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to get offended

It's easy to be one of those endlessly suffering martyrs the news media LOVES to interview. First, get all of your news and commentary from sources that specialize in stoking the egos of the perpetually offended, such as Huffington Post or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Then, watch the following video so you, too, can preen your politically correct tailfeathers. Takeaway quote: "Listen to what someone says, and then selflessly make it all about you by taking it personally, even if it has nothing to do with you."


roho said...

There was a time in America when the local Football Team would help these guy's embrace their offended personalities and go from mad to sad.

al benson jr. said...

I wonder if it will ever occur to the perpetually offended (not likely) that the majority of serious people in this country are getting more than a little sick of them being "perpetually offended" by everything the Leftists refuse to endorse. And that's about what it amounts to. These people are the "useful idiots" the Left uses to promote its far-out agenda and to make the rest of us feel guilty because we have the good sense to reject it.

If the truth were known, the whiny attitude of the perpetually offended has reached the point where it offends many of the rest of us.

Weaver said...

Thanks to the Internet, this nonsense is largely collapsing.

We owe so much to the Internet.

I'm not a believer in "free individuals", but the Internet saved society from becoming mindless Borg or otherwise hostage to the Borg. Free individuals are free from the collective.

Man's a social being, not an individual; but the Borg isn't community.