Friday, March 17, 2017

Quote of the day

“It is very clear. The policy of the admission to Mexico of persons of any country—Central Americans or of any other nationality—is defined by Mexico. That is the sovereign power of a country, and we are a sovereign country and we exercise our full sovereignty. Who decides who enters Mexico is Mexico and thus we will have to confront the problem.” - Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray

I have no problem with the minister's policy on immigration. BUT I do have a problem with his hypocrisy.


roho said...

How interesting.........................What Hypocracy!

There are some truths in our History that have never changed.

1. Greater violence defeats lesser violence.

2. More than any other belief system, the desire to continue living is mostly the ultimate.

3. Most Governments will bow down to a more powerful neighbor at the last minute.

4. Refugees are almost always women and children after the men of fighting age are killed.

5. The Spainish fought a good fight to claim North America and the Hemisphere as a whole, but actually lost to the Anglos of Western Europe.

6. The Hispanics of Spain had no interest in land while in search of GOLD only.

Have these idiots not seen that we can go all of the way around the world, cause regime change, and be back in time for dinner?.................Is the oil of Mexico not relevant? As Puerto Rico and the Philipeans found out, We can OWN you!......Was Trotsky safe in Mexico?...........President Trump visited the "Hermitage" of my favorite president "ANDREW JACKSON" this week.........And he laid down the law to England's great army at the "Battle Of New Orleans", which he pointed out to Santa Anna after his capture.

Screw Mexico!..........It is time to invade them as they have invaded us.

roho said...

I spoke by phone last night with my best friend in South Alabama. He drives a truck and delivers lumber to home builders that utilize Mexican Crews. He was told by a "Honcho" why over 50% of the crews are gone?

He was told that they have gone not back to Mexico, but on to Canada which has a much more liberal immigration policy.............Trump has their attention.