Monday, March 20, 2017

Teen dies after getting silicone injections at unlicensed Salisbury woman's home

This story is not only sad, but soooo revealing of the insane times we live in. From WBTV:

A Salisbury woman accused of conducting medical procedures using non-medical silicone is facing murder charges after police say a teen received injections at her home and later died.

Salisbury police say 42-year-old Kavonceya Iman Cornelius, also known as Kenneth Rudolph Cornelius, gave 19-year-old Eugene Jones II silicone injections at her home on Union Heights Boulevard in Salisbury.

Jones went back to Fayetteville where he later died from the procedure on Jan. 12, police say.
So, a fake woman who is a fake doctor gave fake medical silicone to another fake woman. Now the oh-so-politically correct chorus will cry, "If only our society were more accepting of gender fluidity!"

No, that's not a solution, that attitude is the PROBLEM. Your imagination cannot change your chromosomes. Believing otherwise, and DEMANDING that everyone else agrees with you, is what killed this young man.

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roho said...

This is the most obsessive generation in my lifetime regarding their sexuality/sensuality. The Woodstock Generation most likely had more sex, and invented the words "Free Love", but were not so obsessed with their physical apearence.

Today, men are more into body building and women will spend thousands on any gimmick to give them an edge.