Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Three cheers for the people of Tennessee!

The State of Tennessee sent an unprecedented message to the federal government on Monday: NO MORE REFUGEES. A lawsuit filed by Tennessee lawmakers claims that the federal government violated the 10th Amendment with its resettlement program. There goes that pesky Constitution.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” – U.S. Constitution, Amendment X.

But it gets better. Not only is the government not following the Constitution, they aren’t complying with the Refugee Resettlement act of 1980.

The lawsuit urges that the Federal Government halt refugee resettlement until they’re willing to foot the bill themselves. Forcing individual states to incur the massive financial burden of refugee resettlement is unconstitutional. The fed forces states to participate, while saddling them with an insurmountable economic burden.

Although TN is not the first state to sue the feds over refugees, the 10th Amendment basis is unique. Undoubtedly, this lawsuit will spur a flurry of states-rights debates, and perhaps similar suits.
No where in the Constitution do the people of the sovereign States authorize DC to commit demographic suicide in the name of promoting globalism. So Tennessee has the law of the land on its side, if not the power to enforce it.

Interesting how California and other states are doing their utmost to stop the enforcement of current immigration law, while Tennessee and others are suing to stop DC's brazen attempts to bypass it. How long can the US remain united with this escalating tug of war?

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Anonymous said...

Now if we can just send back the ones that are already here!

David Smith

roho said...

Common sense is not very common?

Has noone noticed that all muslim refugees are men of fighting age?.............Where are the women dragging babies out of a hostile combat zone?...............Duh?.........Be it Europe or the Americas, where are the real REFUGEES?

I have to cringe at this concept that nobody in America has read the story of the "TROJEN HORSE"?............................NOBODY?

Anonymous said...


The artist formerly known as Common Sense has left the building!

David Smith