Friday, April 7, 2017

Are you a moderate or an extremist?

When a Democratic president wages war without Congressional authorization, Republicans condemn him.

When a Republican president wages war without Congressional authorization, Democrats condemn him.

If you're in either group, you're a MODERATE.

If you condemn ANY president who wages war without Congressional authorization, you're an EXTREMIST, as this article makes clear: Trump's Troll Army Isn't Ready for War in Syria.


Weaver said...

Nothing is more destructive, and thus less conservative, than war.

I'm glad anti-war is once again officially right-wing.

People everywhere should understand: when you go globalist, you go pro-war and pro-police state.

Weaver said...

From what I've seen on twitter: Tulsi is the only one clearly denouncing the attack and calling for investigations to see just who was behind the gas.

Others, such as clown Kaine and angry Bernie, only seem to want Congress to declare the war. Otherwise, they're happy.

Rand Paul sounds good, but he's not quite where Tulsi is on this. Tulsi's making the hard antiwar statements.


Cleophus said...

It's the baby Bush Presidency all over again! Remember the "kinder gentler America?" Then the "big boy pants" carrier landing and "mission accomplished?" Except this time we're dealing with Russia, not some sandbox tin horn dictator.
I'm telling you, they've got some kind of Presidential mind control ray up there in Washington! The President goes in one door a small government non-interventionist, and comes out the other wearing a John McCain mask and holding hands with his new girlfriend, Lindsay Graham. Sad, sad, sad. I hope everybody has plenty of food and water put back, this could get really bad, really fast.

roho said...

It's very easy to watch television and allow the Globalist MSM to influence our opinions, while looking at dead children and believing the propaganda before a true investigation is completed. The short memory of the U.S. citizen is easily manipulated with film, flag waving, and mom's apple pie.......................But, do we get the truth?......Here are a few examples out of the same region of the world.

1. Remember when John McCain almost had America convinced that Russia without motive had invaded Georgia. (Without us looking at the Georgian invasion of South Osatia?)

2. Remember the last time it turned out that not Bashar Assad, but the rebels had actually been the ones to use chemical weapons?

3. Remember the nonexistent WMD's prior to the Iraqi invasion?

4. The list goes on and on with the USS LIBERTY, Gulf Of Tonkin attack, etc, etc.

As usual, follow the money trail.......Back in 1967 the Israelis defeated the Syrians and other nations in a war. According to UN Resolutions, the Golan Heights should have been returned to Syria. Every effort by the US and Israel has been to partition Syria like Yugoslavia, with Israel retaining the Golan Heights........To begin with it was mostly an Israeli military objective to hold the high ground.....But something on the low down has happened? And the real reason for conflict.

Google Genie Energy out of Newark New Jersey.

Look at their list of investors?.................Dick Cheney, Bill Richardson, James Woolsey, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothschild, etc, etc.

Genie Energy has discovered an enormous pool of oil under the Golan Heights. Who still owns that land according to the UN?

Syria and Russia as well as Israel and the US both want it. Everything else is a distraction.

Follow the money trail.