Sunday, April 2, 2017

Confederate History Month

In celebration of Confederate History Month, I'm posting this video of a live (and lively!) performance of Dixie. It features the 2nd South Carolina String Band and friends. It's drawn 1,271,702 views and 1,950 comments.

Does the disembodied, rootless left have anything to compare to this kind of exuberance and energy? No wonder globalism is in retreat around the world.


Weaver said...

I had a guy just the other day tell me how Southerners are too inbred, meaning we should intermarry with other ethnicities to lose our ties.

Partly why everyone's so proud to be Southern though is we're being overwhelmed with immigrants. I fear it's just a reaction that could fade. And small towns are dying, absorbed into metro areas, which creates reaction against that.

Old Rebel said...


Steve Sailer defines race as a partly inbred extended family.

Rocky Wynn said...

Sweet music to my ears.i think you should post this at least once a month. GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!!!!

roho said...

Awesome!...................................Made me remember the gigantic "Confederate Battle Flag" that was lighted on I-65 around the Verbena Alabama exit.

Anonymous said...

Great version of Dixie. I really liked the little girl in the background jumping around to the tune. Oh to be young again.