Sunday, April 23, 2017

French presidential election: Le Pen, Macron projected as winners

Here's some good news from CNN:

Voters in France have comprehensively snubbed the country's political establishment, sending far-right populist Marine Le Pen and political novice Emmanuel Macron through to the second round of the country's presidential election, early results indicate. With 80% of polling stations declared, National Front leader Le Pen and newcomer Macron were virtually neck-and-neck on about 23% of the vote each..
Maybe France has finally realized it wants to remain French. We'll see what the second round brings. But this alone is almost enough for me to forgive France for 1789. Almost.


James Owen said...

Used to be that they regretted not intervening on the side of Dixie during the WSI.

Al Benson Jr. said...

The media figures I saw had the totals just reverse of this, with Macron at 24% and LePen at 21% Hope your figures are more accurate. It's be great to see her knock his socks off, but we now have to wait until May 7th and who knows what monkeyshines will be pulled by the French Establishment and the One World Govt. boys in this interim?

Old Rebel said...

Al Benson Jr.,

I just tried pulling up the Fox article, and was denied access (?!?) So I changed the link to CNN, which says the two leaders have about 23% each. Now for the second round!

Weaver said...

Your blog lost ranking it appears. Now some British site comes up when I search "rebellion blog" :/

I guess you've been googled. For years I've always just googled "rebellion blog" to find you, and you'd be the first result.

Weaver said...

Bing doesn't like you either. Maybe blogger killed your ranking. The change just happened, within the past few hrs at most. Maybe it'll change back though.

Google bring you up if I search "rebellion blog Old Rebel". Bing does not.

So, at some point, I might have to record your blog address just to find you... What good are search engines? Gees.

Weaver said...

Ah, nevermind I guess the google search engine changes. You're back on top for the search.

I've never seen that happen though. There are attempts at purging conservatives. The Internet is much bigger today, so it's more significant.

roho said...

France has an odd system. The cosmopolitans tend to decide most referendoms and the larger the city the more influence. Paris, like London and NYNY has no room for the middle class, and the elite globalist love their cheap, refugee, nannys, gardeners, and maids. Their children don't have to mix with the immigrant trash in the public school system.

Like Trump, I hope that the smaller cities step up and vote for La Pen, France and nationalism.

And then I hope Frexit is the future...........Bring back the Franc.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Your comments about referendums are right on the mark. When we lived in Illinois, the city of Chicago basically decided things for the rest of the state. They had a big enough population that they could, in effect, outvote what the rest of the state wanted and vote in their own agenda. They made an excellent case for the secession of Chicago from the rest of the state because the mores of Chicago did not reflect those of most of the rest of the state.

Folks in Southern Illinois were much more like most folks in Dixie than were those in Chicago and Chicago had a level of corruption that makes what goes on in Louisiana almost Sunday School stuff. This situation continues to this day.

Big cities, for all their modern convenience and all the rest, have become a plague on modern society, and I don't doubt that's as true in France or Britain as it is here.