Monday, April 24, 2017

Islamic identity overturns Indonesian politics

Here's another example of growing Islamic militancy around the world. From Reuters:

A polarizing election for Jakarta governor saw Islamic identity politics come to the fore and exposed fractures in Indonesian president Joko Widodo’s fragile ruling coalition, an exit poll has revealed.

Widodo’s political ally Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the ethnic Chinese Christian incumbent, was resoundingly defeated by Muslim rival Anies Baswedan in a vote seen as a litmus test of the secular traditions of the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.

Unpublished data from an exit poll by Litbang Kompas, which Reuters reviewed, found “same religion” was by far the most common reason why voters supported the victor. "The biggest share of Anies supporters based their choice on similarity in religion and ethnicity,” said Bestian Nainggolan, a researcher at Litbang Kompas, a leading pollster. “Programmes and performance were not a dominant consideration.”
It would be a lot easier to trust those who assure us multiculturalism will work in this country IF there were ONE EXAMPLE of it working somewhere else in the world. Instead, racial, ethnic, and religious differences grow until they spin the various groups off into their own polities.

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roho said...

Recep Eryogan of Turkey perceives himself as the next leader of the Islamic world.

Sharia Law is the next step one country at a time..............And then there will be Indonesian refugees.

It may be time soon, that we see Islam as nothing more than a fire ant bed?