Saturday, April 22, 2017

Murderous Antifa With Bike Lock Outed!

The antifa - who fancy themselves "anti-fascist," but are actually "anti-First-Amendment," are political pests who like to play dress-up, slink in the shadows, and attack the elderly. These heroes wear masks for a reason; they're looking for easy, defenseless targets. Here in Charlotte, many were spotted throwing fuel onto the fire during the September riot.

So here's a handy web site for defenders of free speech. Along with news reports of antifa crimes, there's a resource for identifying these cowardly thugs. It's called the Dark Triad Man. The web master thinks his team has identified the would-be antifa assassin who tried to kill a Trump supporter in San Francisco. Check it out!


Weaver said...

When will the Left wake up to how it's they who "hate"?

What are they united in but their common belief in opposing whites? They don't know what they want.

A "Marxian socialist" was writing at zerohedge the other day about "true socialism" being small businesses, not state control... Leftists don't know what the heck they're for.

To quote an anarchist (I'm guessing Antifa would approve): "When the people are being beaten with a stick, they are not much happier if it is called 'the People's Stick'"

roho said...

Many of these so-called demonstrators are proffesional activists on George Soros payroll, flown in to be the core group and community organizers.

Weaver said...

Roho, Soros doesn't even hide his involvement.

The media carries on about Russia; but it's really these billionaires like Soros who are so meddlesome and dangerous. And of course certain other foreign polities that are inexplicably allowed to meddle in US affairs.