Friday, April 21, 2017

Quote of the day

"The neighborhood-towns [of Chicago] were part of larger ethnic states. To the north of the Loop was Germany. To the northwest was Poland. To the west were Italy and Israel. To the southwest were Bohemia and Lithuania. And to the south was Ireland…you could always tell, even with your eyes closed, which state you were in by the odors of the food stores and the open kitchen windows, the sound of the foreign or familiar language, and by whether a stranger hit you in the head with a rock." - Mike Royko


roho said...

I've never lived in a city that large. Big Metroplexes just don't appeal to me.

That much multiculturalisim would make me move.

Weaver said...

Multiculturalism is much better than interculturalism (mixing it all together such that no one has any identity, no traditions and culture to offer some protection from the corruption of greater society...)

Interculturalism means we're bland, interchangeable, individualistic cogs.

There is only the Borg and the individual, nothing else is allowed in modern society.

Small groups have always been the real opposition to globalism.