Friday, April 14, 2017

Scottish independence isn’t going away

Homo economicus can now be safely buried. Like his cousin, the Piltdown Man, he never really existed, except in the minds of ideologues, who can never accept what is because all that matters to them is what should be. This article from Prospect offers a glimpse of what we can expect to unfold within the next few decades, and not just in Scotland, but all over the world:

Scottish nationalism will not go away. Once separatist glory is embedded in the subconscious, it becomes a badge of honour. As long as independence is the cry of Scotland’s dominant party, the Scots seem happy to indulge it, even if not fully support it. But Brexit has been a lesson to us all. Who knows what independence really means?

The continued appeal of nationalism is no mystery. Half a century ago, Isaiah Berlin adapted Kant’s image of the “crooked timber” of mankind by describing nationalism as “the bent twig.” He attacked those who dismissed it as “a passing phase… a pathological inflammation of a wounded national consciousness.” To relegate nationalism to past history was, he thought, to play with fire. Berlin was right. In 50 years, the number of independent nations has not shrunk but doubled. They may have been born of imperial collapse, civil war, partition or, sometimes, peaceful negotiation. But the seeds of separatism swiftly take root and do not blow away.
Brace yourselves, globalists, Neocons, and leftists, because the world about to be born will not be the dreary one-world regime you lust after, but a lively world of region-states, city-states, and other human-scaled political units nurturing thousands of historical cultures. Get over it and get out of the way.


James Owen said...

American Leftists, if confined to the North and the Pacific Coast, would implode. They need Idaho and Georgia to pick on. Otherwise, the sharks woukd get busy eating each other.

Weaver said...

The stupid Scots want open borders with the EU.

That's not nationalism! It's idiocy. Too much haggis!

And I agree with the Scots: The English are also idiots.