Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stockholm Truck-Attack Suspect Had Received Deportation Order

We're getting only sketchy details about the "terror truck" attack in Stockholm. Eyewitnesses report he swerved to hit children - which makes sense, seeing as his anger was aimed at the future of the West. But once again, the imposing challenge of keeping track of so many hostile aliens has contributed to the perfect storm:

Swedish authorities said the 39-year-old man suspected of driving a truck into a crowd in downtown Stockholm had been wanted by police for failing to comply with a deportation order.

The Uzbek national, who was detained late Friday, had sought residency in Sweden in 2014, a request the state denied in June last year, police said on Sunday. In late February, police issued a warrant in his name for failing to report for his deportation. ...

In Sweden, where about 200,000 people applied for asylum in the past two years, police have been overwhelmed by a steep rise in the number of deportation orders referred to them by immigration authorities.

Each year, thousands of foreigners disappear from authorities’ radar after being ordered to leave the country. In the first 10 months of 2016, nearly 70% of the individuals in 6,647 deportation cases police received from the immigration agency had absconded.
Odd that the press hasn't released the name of this terrorist. However, I did manage to find a picture of two of his enablers:


roho said...

America full of refugees is not going to turn out well.

Hugh K. Arnold said...

Looking at that picture, can you say "Stockholm Syndrome."

Anonymous said...

I agree let all the refugees go to Sweden. Just not the rest of western society. Sweden is now on my no travel list.

Anonymous said...

The two idiots in the photograph remind me of idiots closer to home. In my community I've come across several homes with the same sign in the front yard with English, Spanish, and Arabic writing. The English and Spanish language I can work out, not the Arabic. The English states "No matter where you are from, we are glad you are our neighbor.". Sure.

Wouldn't you know it, every single home I see with this sign is worth no less than $800,000. Those 'poor' refugees and dreamers aren't likely to be moving next door to these well-heeled ding-a-lings, are they? It's easy to demand equal rights for illegals and incompatible cultures when they will never be living next door. If I had unlimited funds I would love to buy homes next door to these clowns and turn them into half-way houses and Section 8 rentals. In short order those smug signs would be gone.