Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Case Against Immigration

I'm in total shock. This plain-speaking and well-reasoned piece is from Foreign Affairs, long a Neocon journal. It states facts that the Open Borders crowd wants you to ignore. While LEGAL and MANAGED immigration has benefited both the American nation and its people, today's climate is vastly different from those days:

First, World War I and then legislation in the early 1920s dramatically reduced new arrivals. By 1970 less than 5 percent of the U.S. population was foreign-born, down from 14.7 percent in 1910. This reduction helped immigrant communities assimilate, as they were no longer continually refreshed by new arrivals from the old country. But in recent decades, the dramatic growth of immigrant enclaves has likely slowed the pace of assimilation. Second, many of today’s immigrants, like those of the past, have modest education levels, but unlike in the past, the modern U.S. economy has fewer good jobs for unskilled workers. Partly for this reason, immigrants do not improve their economic situation over time as much as they did in the past. Third, technology allows immigrants to preserve ties with the homeland in ways that were not possible a century ago. Calling, texting, emailing, FaceTiming, and traveling home are all relatively cheap and easy.

Fourth, the United States’ attitude toward newcomers has also changed. In the past, there was more of a consensus about the desirability of assimilation. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, the son of Jewish immigrants, said in a 1915 speech on “True Americanism” that immigrants needed to do more than just learn English and native manners. Rather, he argued, they “must be brought into complete harmony with our ideals and aspirations.” This was a widely held belief. In his book The Unmaking of Americans, the journalist John J. Miller has described how at the turn of the twentieth century, organizations such as the North American Civic League for Immigrants put out pamphlets celebrating the United States and helping immigrants understand and embrace the history and culture of their adopted country.
As the Foreign Affairs article points out, "multiculturalism" has replaced "True Americanism" as the model for immigration. Not only are the people moving here predominantly Third World, as opposed to Western, as was the case up to 1965, but they're gathering in their own enclaves, retaining not only their language and culture, but their old loyalties as well. And thanks to modern communication technology, they can stay in touch with their old countries, nourishing and sustaining their alien ways.

That's a recipe for disaster. What can such a collection of random populations do but to go their own ways?


Weaver said...

Well said. Order is important.

James Owen said...

Before 1958, the new arrivals were all European.

roho said...

Prior to the U.S. becoming a socialist state, immigrants moved here looking for opportunity to compete in the free market.

Most immigrants in the world today looks for a country that will pay for their existence.

Countries that have no welfare system in place have no immigrants trying to enter.

When the European Immigrants of the early 20th Century arrived, they knew it was work or starve.

During the "Great Depression", both white, black, and other children starved as there was no policy of intitlement for anyone.

Today, we have created a Utopia for third worlders that can live a better life than working back home.