Friday, April 21, 2017

The War of Culinary Aggression

Know-it-all educrats are trying to eliminate grits in the government schools - but Southern kids are rebelling:

The 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act strictly limited calories, fat, salt, sugar and just about everything else that makes food edible – including grits.

It was the War of Culinary Aggression.

“We could originally serve half whole grains but that changed in 2012 when we had to start serving 100 percent whole grains,” said Stephanie Dillard, the child nutrition director for Geneva County Schools in Alabama.

That meant no more grits.

“And grits are a staple in the South,” Ms. Dillard told me. “Students really want to eat their grits.”
Food is almost as important as flags as cultural symbols in the dawning Age of Devolution. Fight for your grits, kids.


Al Benson Jr. said...

Not only do the cultural Marxists want to take away your flags, monuments, and history, they also want to take away your foods. You watch, the next things to face extinction in the South will be fried catfish and turnip greens. When they seek to remove Southern influence in any area, they seek to remove it in all areas. It all has to go, the good food included, so it can be replaced with whatever fodder they chew on up in New York City.

Weaver said...

Human resources are most efficient when united by their common consumption of nutritious, nondivisive energy packs. Resulting profits are 10% higher.


Weaver said...

While I do generally encourage healthier foods, grits can be fairly healthy. You can make most anything unhealthy depending on preparation.

Oats are European. They're very healthy.

I doubt grits are among the least healthy foods served the children.

Bob's Red Mill sells Millet Grits. They'd perhaps be healthier than corn grits, nearly the same thing.

Weaver said...

Cassava is commonly eaten in the Third World. It has toxins that need to be leached out.

Some are concerned GMO corn could be toxic to humans.

And some claim Nixtamalization reduces potential mycotoxins in corn.

But really, corn is healthy in moderation.

Weaver said...


two woods native to America that have unusual properties:

Osage orange, great for bows and for burning.

Black locust, a weed tree that produces durable wood.


We're often hearing about amazing tropical woods coming from what remains of the rain forests, but we have amazing trees here.

roho said...

Weaver..........BTW...Before all in America could afford steel wedges, wedges were made from the dogwood tree for it's hardness.

As for opinions regarding today's so-called food groups...........Spend sometime on the internet looking at society through photography between 1865-1965. My Dad said that almost always, when you saw a fat person they were rich. (Not that all rich people were fat.) Today's GMO corn is about 30% protein and 70% fat where our corn was once 70% protein and about 30% fat. The old corn was about two ears per stalk, and could not match today's corn in yield. The loss of cotton and sugar plantations meant the rise of "King Corn". Even the work ethic of people during that period, burning up about 2000-3000 calories a day, they would have never survived the processed food of today. (Is your garbage can full of cardboard?).........A sign that you consume both processed food and drink. The super rich don't die in their ninties because they eat the same food as us.

Once "Big Agriculture" took over, yield became everything and nutrition took a back seat.

Grits are identified with Southern Tradition and must be eliminated, along with all other traditions. The only reason that cajun cooking is so popular is because Hollywood finds it avant-gaurd to have a second home in New Orleans.

dan hill said...

WELL...Kiss my grits!

Larry in Upstate NY(Rochester) said...

"Resulting profits are 10% higher."
Weaver,it's all about "the children",not evil profits!
Government knows best!!

James Owen said...

Another reason for Southern independence.

Weaver said...

Government knows best how to serve its donors!

And maybe it's worse when most of them sincerely try to help.