Monday, April 24, 2017

Thomas Jefferson statue at Columbia protested

The American Taliban is busy, busy, busy these days! Under cover of night, they're already dismantling monuments to Robert E. Lee, P.G.T Beauregard, and Jefferson Davis in New Orleans. Now they want to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson at Columbia University.

At least the Afghani Taliban operates openly and in the light of day.


roho said...

This racism slave BS is out of control..........A lot of it is tied to historical ignorance, as noone actually takes real courses anymore.

Let us get rid of all monuments connected to the Roman Empire?.....Or the Greeks?.....Or God forbid, the Caliphates of Islam?..........How about the fact that Native American tribes put each other in slavery?........And how about those Inca and Aztec wonderful hispanics that not only enslaved the poor tribes around them but loved cutting their hearts out in ritual fashion as well.

Slavery was the norm for centuries if you were defeated!.......Irishmen were dieing in the Carribean Sugar Plantations before anyone with the British and Dutch West Indies Company realized that "We got to get us some west African negroes!"

I'm sick of it!.........This needs to be nipped in the bud before America becomes a giant Haiti!

James Owen said...

We need to quit calling these people Taliban. They're Yankees,or tools of Yankees, plain and simple. They're a different country and people. To them, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are not the Founding Fathers, they're distant, foreign strangers who owned slaves. Alexander Hamilton,a Northerner, is their founding Father. America® begins in Massachusetts, not Virginia, as far as they're concerned. These are the same people who destroyed statues of George Washington and burned priceless documents written by him and Jefferson;in 1863/4. It was a Herculean effort to keep them from destroying Mt.Vernon and Monticello.These people are not our "fellow countrymen", they never were, and making a Union® with them was a mistake. Attacking Jefferson and Washington is just part of Yankeedom's perpetual war on the South.
Southrons need to quit thinking of these people as " fellow countrymen " with whom they have a gentleman's disagreement.

Rocky Wynn said...

When a people have no identity why are as savages.GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that James Owen. The people who defeated us and their offspring have never considered the South a part of this country. To them we are traitors and to me they are the enemy. As the saying goes, it is what it is.

roho said...

James Owen.......You make some good points. Imagine if the South had not only won it's first major battle outside Washington (Which it did.) but then advanced on the routed troops of the Army of The Potomic, captured Abe Lincoln and sued for peace? (Could of, would of, should of?)

History would be different. The Ukrane color revolution is an example of how a few committed people can overthrow a government while someone hands out sweets. (Vickey Nuland Kagan). Most do not participate in revolutions, just as in the New World America. Many "Loyalist" moved to Canada and today their offspring still worship the "Royal Family" Southerners for the most part are of Scotch/Irish decent and had had enough of the "Royal Family" for centuries.

Some of the New England Patriots were motivated by PROFITS!.........These New England folks simply wanted the British Crown to stay out of their Profits. (But they love taxing other peoples money for things that they love to promote?)

Even Jesus adresed the issue of slavery, but nothing more shocked the followers than his defense of women. Long before the odd institution of slavery was ever questioned, women's rights and safety was his teachings.

Back on task, imagine Greece or Rome tearing down the historical statues of their past?