Monday, May 1, 2017

ACLU gets it wrong -- again

The ACLU demands an investigation into the death by legal injection of Kenneth Williams. Witnesses say Williams "lurched and jerked" several minutes after the injection.

Sure, conduct your investigation. That won't change the reason the State of Arkansas condemned him to death. Here's what Kenneth Williams did:

He killed a college cheerleader after abducting her and a friend and forcing them to withdraw money from an ATM. He shot BOTH of them afterward, but the other survived. He escaped prison while serving life for that murder and killed another person, stealing his truck. While fleeing police during a high speed chase, Mr. Williams struck another vehicle, killing the driver before being recaptured. Three innocent people died as a direct result of this guy's actions, and he had attempted to kill a fourth. Can anybody tell me why he didn't deserve exactly what he got, even if it was uncomfortable for him? Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Amen to that.


kerdasi amaq said...

Why fo they have to go through the rigmarole of lethal injection?

How about a bottle of chloroform and a wad of cotton wool?

So much easier.

roho said...

These animals do not deserve the kindness of being put to sleep like a loving pet.

I think that I heard yesterday that Utah has brought back the firing squad?

rex osborne said...

Florida used to have an electric chair which occasionally malfunctioned slightly, earning it the nickname Old Sparky. Didn't bother me. I sort of thought North Carolina ought to get one like it.

roho said...

Alabama had an electric chair painted yellow called "Yellow Mama".........LOL!

It's over though......Even today's youth have complied and believe that they live in a marxist, leftest, liberal utopia. There will be no conservative culture after the "Baby Boomers" die off, and the next generation will be erecting statues to "John Brown" as they tear down what little is left of Southern Culture.

White people will not even be allowed to eat fried chicken or watermelon.

Anonymous said...

Roho, They already have statues of John Brown! I've seen pictures of it in Kansas City Kansas. Several years ago I went to Lake Placid NY, and apparently they have a shrine of sorts to John Brown as this was his home town. I'm waiting for statues of Nat Turner, (baby killer) to be erected. There is already a movie made that is sympathetic to him. This insult to southerners will continue ie..the taking down of southern hero's statues in New Orleans. Our enemies are many and this is one reason I will go out of my way, when in Missouri, to pay respects to the burial place of William Anderson in Richmond MO. If I ever go to Ohio I will make a point of visiting Bill Quantrill's grave site.