Friday, May 5, 2017

An Answer to Trump: Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

Interesting perspective from Ivan Eland, who doesn't have a dog in the fight:

Of course, the standard nationalistic historical narrative in American school textbooks enshrines Abraham Lincoln as a demi-god who saved the union and freed the slaves. Any questioning of this equally questionable version of history leads to suspicions of Confederate flag-waving sympathies or even racism. As a descendent of Quakers from a blue Northern state (both in 1861 and oftentimes now), my criticism of Lincoln comes from the other direction.

Was the worst war in American history – which killed 750,000 troops on both sides, including 40,000 African American soldiers, and 100,000 civilians – really worth it to give slaves only nominal freedom and another century of heavy oppression at the hands of bitter Southern whites?
Also, check out the lively discussion!


roho said...

Nothing Trump says anymore surprises me?.............Unlike someone such as Newt Gingrige and former Senator Byrd, he is much limited on his knowledge of history.

He tends to think that lieing makes him unpredictable? Not only has he failed to drain the swamp, but has placed some in his cabinet. He's starting to look like a nutjob that had had some success lieing in commercial real estate, and assumes that it is a success principle in National Politics as well.

Like all past Presidents , his campaign talk is nothing like the way he governs?

MAP said...

It has been my observation that roughly 98% of the population knows nothing about the era, the great war, or the Confederacy except myth and fantasy. That Trump, a businessman, knows nothing about it just makes him a part of the vast majority. Ignorance is bliss. None of the leftwing lunatics making a scene of Trump's ignorance know anything about the event whatsoever. Hatred is not understanding.

Weaver said...

MAP, well said. Most don't know enough to form an opinion. They're repeating others' opinions and emotions.

The mark of a educated man might be a willingness to at times say, "I don't know."

I told one guy that remembering real history is important in part so that we can understand human nature. Perhaps why so many in the US trust distant authorities in the government, academia, private sector, etc. is their lack of history.

Obama "freed" Libya; today Libya openly trades slaves. Bush expected dancing in the streets; We're still trapped in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The mark of an enlightened man might be the ability to discern the good in the South, as well as in other human societies. Moderns seem to just want to burn everything down. "This isn't perfect!"

Anonymous said...

Good article. Apparently a man with "no dog in the fight" whom can think logically.